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What Is BMW ConnectedDrive?

Connected Drive

BMW ConnectedDrive is a technology pack that keeps you linked to the world around you when you’re in the cockpit of your new BMW.

It’s operated through BMW’s signature iDrive system, optimised for single-hand use while you’re at the wheel. Turn the iDrive dial to interact with the touchscreen infotainment system on the dashboard - BMW driver soon find using the setup becomes second nature. ConnectedDrive enables apps like Yelp and Twitter as well as key journey information and manoeuvring assistance to make sure you enjoy every ride - without compromising concentration.

BMW Connected Drive

Driver Assistance

BMW ConnectedDrive incorporates Driver Assistance Systems, which helps you keep a safe distance from other vehicles when necessary, navigate smoothly through traffic jams, and react fast in hazardous situations. At the heart of the ConnectedDrive system is the iDrive controller, a screen and touchpad that acts as your access point to all your driver-focused technology - including infotainment, diagnostic and navigation tools.

Among the many BMW ConnectedDrive assets are Lane Keeping Assistant, Lane Departure Warning and Lane Change Warning to help keep your journey running as planned. In critical situations, the BMW Active Protection feature initiates measures such as tightening seat belts, changing seats positions and closing windows to keep you and your passengers safe. Importantly, it can also automatically brake to prevent collisions.

Intelligent driving lane keeping assistant 600x338

Lane Keeping Assistant

Cd intelligent driving lane departure warning 600x338

Lane Departure Warning

Cd intelligent driving lane change warning 1270x500

Lane Change Warning

Intelligent Vision

More eyes on the road are always better: that’s why BMW ConnectedDrive gives you vision from every angle. The Side View function, enabled by two cameras built into the front wheel arches, lets you peek around corners - really useful at blind junctions and exits where you can’t see what’s coming.

Meanwhile, the Rear Camera View and Surround View help you steer into parking spaces effectively. On the road, the full-colour Heads-up Display projects key driving information onto the windscreen so you get the whole picture without taking your eyes off your journey. For danger-free driving, the Speed Limit Info tool includes an indicator telling you when you shouldn’t overtake for legal or safety reasons.

At night, the futuristic BMW Night Vision mode can identify people and large animals from up to 300 metres in front of the car. The High-Beam Assistant raises and dips the lights based on the presence of other vehicles, so you don’t have to, whilst the Selective Beam function provides excellent visibility in the dark without dazzling other drivers.

Cd intelligent vision side view 600x338

Side View

Cd intelligent vision night vision 600x338 02

BMW Night Vision

Intelligent vision selective beam 600x338

BMW Selective Beam

Safer Parking

Some drivers hate parking, but with the ConnectedDrive system it’s a pleasure rather than a chore.

Features like Park Assist can guide your new BMW into a space automatically - but even if you choose to park manually, the Active Park Distance Control (PDC) gives you extra protection against potential damage by guiding you into spaces. In the BMW 5 Series or 7 Series, you can even park remotely using your BMW key. 

Intelligent parking park assist 600x338 03

Park Assist

Cd intelligent parking rear view camera 600x338

Rear View Camera

Cd intelligent parking remote control parking 600x338

Remote Control Parking

Complete connectivity

The BMW ConnectedDrive tool comes with a smartphone app that lets you take the benefits of the system even further. Instantly sync your calendars, contacts, emails and text messages so there’s no need to touch your phone at the wheel.

You’re even able to search the web and get on-demand directions, all accessible from the dashboard. For an annual subscription fee you can even access exclusive BMW driver services like concierge, intelligent voice assistance and real time traffic updates. 

Connecteddrive digitalservices connected

BMW Connected

Connecteddrive digitalservices ipa

Real Time Traffic Updates

Connecteddrive digitalservices remoteservices

Remote Services

To find out more about the BMW ConnectedDrive setup or to find out more about the Dick Lovett BMW range, contact us today.

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