The BMW XM - Top 5 unique features

Posted 15th April 2023

The XM is a landmark car for BMW. As the first standalone M car since the M1 was released in 1978, it is the first BMW M car to utilise plug-in hybrid technology, and also the most powerful BMW production car to date - the XM truly changes the game. 

Dick Lovett BMW are proud to be the first BMW dealer in the UK to experience this next-generation model. During our time with the car so far, we’ve quickly found out just how special it is. Here’s our top 5 unique features of the BMW XM:

Illuminated Headliner

The luxurious and incredibly comfortable interior of the BMW XM is certainly a lovely place to be. This is enhanced further by the exclusive illuminated headliner, which makes the cabin even more special.

The indirectly illuminated three-dimensional structure of the headliner provides an ambient lighting experience like no other. With specific lighting for different scenarios, such as when being welcomed into the vehicle, and customisable colours to suit the mood and atmosphere, jumping into the XM is an exciting prospect every time.

Illuminated Headliner

Stacked Quad Exhausts

The stand-out styling of the BMW XM covers all aspects of the vehicle, including the exhausts. The hexagonal, quad exhaust pipes are stacked in a two by two configuration to create an instantly recognisable aesthetic, unique to the XM.

The valved exhaust system ensures you can be discreet when you wish but also unleash the fantastic sound of the twin-turbo V8 engine at any time. With the addition of BMW IconicSounds Electric, driving in pure-electric mode is also an exciting and immersive experience.

Stacked Quad Exhausts

XM Charging Cable Bag

A high-quality black and gold XM branded bag comes with the car which contains the vehicle’s charging cable. This is a lovely touch and looks fantastic within the large boot of the XM.

XM Charging Cable Bag

BMW Badges - With a Twist

The rear of the BMW XM does not feature your traditional BMW badge, but instead a large and distinctive XM logo to highlight the standalone nature of this model. However, two rather unique laser printed BMW logos are present on both sides of the rear window. These pay homage to the BMW M1, the first “M only” model, from which the XM follows.

BMW XM Badges

Detailed LED Light Design

The attention to detail is something to behold on the XM. A special feature we spotted is that of the LED taillight structure, which wraps around the side of the vehicle to reveal a small light cluster reminiscent of the BMW M stripes. The BMW XM’s distinctive LED lighting, both inside and outside the vehicle, ensure an incomparable presence.

LED Light Design

This is just a small selection of the incredible details and features that you can find on the BMW XM. For more information about the BMW XM, please get in touch.

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