The BMW 330e saloon - A highly versatile hybrid

Posted 26th October 2023

The BMW 330e saloon - A highly versatile hybrid

In 2023, there are more options than ever when it comes to buying a new car. Unsure on whether to go for something with a combustion engine or fully electric? How about a versatile plug-in hybrid model that’s the best of both worlds? The BMW 330e Saloon is exactly that.

The Plug-in Hybrid Benefits

The BMW 330e is built upon brilliant foundations. Being a BMW 3 Series model, it’s practical, stylish, and can complete all of the daily challenges you're likely to face on the road with ease. The 330e plug-in hybrid variant amplifies this further. A 2.0-litre petrol engine works in tandem with an electric motor to produce a rather healthy maximum power output of 292hp. This, paired with the overall efficiency of the car and ability to drive in a pure electric only mode, means that you’re getting an incredible all round package. The assistance of an electric motor results in smoother driving as well as increased responsiveness. This can be further enhanced by opting for a 330e with xDrive all-wheel drive.

BMW eDrive
Short journeys of up to 37 miles (WLTP) can be completed without the need for the petrol engine to even start, while on longer journeys the engine and electric motor will work together to achieve maximum range. With BMW eDrive Zones, the 330e Saloon automatically and seamlessly switches to purely electric mode when entering environmental zones and other areas where it can be most effective.

A plug-in hybrid like the 330e Saloon is a perfect introduction into the world of electric motoring. You can experience many of the impressive characteristics of an electric car without needing to worry about running out of charge - because if you do, the engine will simply operate on its own. Although, you should regularly charge your BMW 330e Saloon for the optimum driving experience. This takes around 4 hours using an AC charger with a maximum of 3.7 kW. Whenever you’re at home or have access to a charging point, topping up your battery is always a great idea.

BMW 330e Saloon 
As well as the countless driving benefits of the BMW 330e Saloon plug-in hybrid, you’re also likely to see savings when it comes to running costs. This is not only due to the decreased fuel consumption over its petrol-only counterparts, but also because of potential tax savings. This is particularly prevalent if you’re a company car driver. This includes reduced company car tax and other savings as a result of the car’s low emissions. If you’d like to learn more about business leasing a vehicle like the BMW 330e Saloon, please get in touch with our Corporate Team.

iDrive Interior Upgrade

The latest generation (G20) BMW 330e Saloon received a Life Cycle Impulse (LCI), more commonly known in the automotive world as a ‘facelift’, in 2022 which updated and improved the model even further. This reaffirmed the BMW 3 Series’ position as a car that excels in so many different areas - ultimately making it a one of the very best options for daily driving.

BME 330e Interior
The already fantastic interior of the car has received the biggest update. This mainly consists of a new curved 12.3-inch driver display and a 14.9-inch central touchscreen with iDrive 8, as well as subtle additional changes such as the switch/lever style gear selector. The iDrive operating system works excellently alongside the new screen setup, providing crisp visuals, high levels of customisation and many great applications to explore. This contributes towards a more minimalistic interior design - key button shortcuts remain however, as well as your drive mode buttons which can all be found on the centre console next to the iDrive controller. 

BMW iDrive Controls
The latest BMW 330e Saloon also features an enhanced version of the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant as part of its operating system upgrade. It’s now smarter than ever, has access to more functions, and an increased amount of underlying data and information to utilise. It can control functions such as climate control, ambient lighting, audio playback, side windows, shading of the panoramic glass sunroof, as well as switching the My Modes, the driver assistance systems, and many more.

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The BMW 330e Saloon is an incredibly impressive plug-in hybrid option from BMW, adding a new dimension to the already versatile 3 Series platform. We have a variety of excellent BMW 330e Saloon models available for delivery before the end of 2023. Get in touch with our team to discover more.

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