Love your BMW? Then make sure you use the right engine oil

Posted 9th October 2018

BMW Engine OIl

The engine in any BMW is a precision-engineered machine. They deliver power, refinement and a rewarding drive, as well as economy. They are also built to last. All it asks in return is a little TLC in terms of regular maintenance and the correct type of engine oil.

Whatever engine your BMW has it’s important to use a good quality oil with the correct specification.

Decoding Oil Specifications

Modern multigrade oils have a specification that looks similar to this: SAE 5W-30.

SAE refers to the Society of Automotive Engineers who created a series of standards for oil viscosity. The first number (followed by the W) refers to the low temperature viscosity of the oil. The second number to the high temperature viscosity.  

An oil with 0W-40 specification is designed to operate over a wider ambient temperature range than a 0W-30 oil. And a 10W-40 specification would normally be recommended in warmer operating conditions than a 0W-30 oil.

The best quality oils are synthetic, which means the components are all manufactured. Semi-synthetic oils are mixed with mineral oil. BMW only recommends fully synthetic oils for its current models.

The best oils for BMW engines

BMW TwinPower Turbo Engine Oils are recommended as the best option to keep your engine in peak condition and were specifically developed to improve cold starting and guarantee consistent performance from BMW engines in all temperatures.

Active Cleansing Technology provides protection from corrosion and wear. We can’t claim that a clean engine is a happy engine - but it will certainly perform better and last longer.

BMW TwinPower Turbo Silver OilBMW TwinPower Turbo Silver

Guarantees excellent engine performance and help keep critical engine parts clean and protected.

BMW TwinPower Turbo Gold OilBMW TwinPower Turbo Oil Gold

Guarantees outstanding engine performance and protection. Oils with the “FE-fuel economy” label deliver fuel saving in the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) of up to 2.5% compared to BMW Longlife-01 Engine Oils.

BMW M TwinPower Turbo OilBMW M TwinPower Turbo

Perfectly suits BMW M high-performance engines and provide exceptional protection under extreme performance conditions.

Plenty of science goes into specifying and developing oils that are perfectly matched to your BMW engine and operating conditions. Clearly it makes sense to use the right one. Your approved BMW service centre will be happy to advise. It is also the best place to ensure your vehicle is serviced in line with all BMW recommendations to keep your BMW at peak performance.

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