The BMW M5 Touring is set to return after 13 years

Posted 12th July 2023

The BMW M5 Touring is set to return after 13 years

BMW M fans across the world will be excited to hear that BMW are preparing to launch the third instalment of the M5 Touring in 2024.

This high-performance BMW estate car is set to make its return as part of the seventh generation of the M5 and it doesn’t look like BMW will be cutting back on any of the features that gave its predecessors such legendary status.

The perfect symbiosis of M-typical performance, uncompromising long-distance comfort and impressive spaciousness will experience a renaissance in 2024 with the new BMW M5 Touring – BMW Group press release.

M5 Touring

We know that the new model will feature the newly developed hybridised V8, as seen on the Label Red XM, in order to continue BMW’s push for electrification across their range - without compromising on the performance that is expected of the M model.  BMW are making sure to keep most details about the new model under wraps as it enters its practical stage of development and is tested on public roads and circuits across Germany.

This announcement, however, has created a lot of excitement due to the M5 Touring’s long hiatus – not to mention the critical acclaim the recently launched M3 Touring has received - and it gives us the perfect excuse to look back at the model’s history of combining high performance with comfort and practicality.

The History of the BMW M5 Touring

BMW first began their venture into performance estate cars in 1992 with the M5 Touring (E34). Using an upgraded version of the inline-six-cylinder engine first produced for the M1 sports car in the 1980s, the E34 showed the world that BMW estates weren’t just spacious and comfortable. The innovative combination of M performance (which was only improved with the introduction of a 6-speed transmission in 1994) and the luxurious comfort of a BMW estate, pioneered the way for all future BMW M Touring models. And with only 891 models produced during its three-year run, the E34 firmly cemented its legendary status as a modest but remarkable member of the M family.

E34 M5 Touring
12 years later BMW released the second M5 estate car returned in the shape of the E61, which only improved on the foundations laid down by the E34. Boasting a V10 engine (manufactured in the same forge as F1 engine blocks), performance personalisation options (e.g gear shift ferocity), and launch control as standard, the E61 revolutionised the world of performance estate cars. It was also the first car to introduce the now infamous ‘M button’, which when pressed would offer you the full 507 horsepower.

E61 M5 Touring

The E61 M5 Touring did this all in a body which could provide up to 1,650 litres of luggage space and the 7-speed sequential transmission helped to provide that typical M performance. The subtle M trim, skirts, and grilles ensured it was all done without being too showy. This combination of super-car level performance, luxurious comfort, and subtle class made the E61 an instant fan favourite, despite its rarity with only 1,009 models produced. The E61 is truly a modern day classic and is the main reason that expectations will be so high for the 2024 M5 Touring launch.

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For now, M enthusiasts will have to wait just a little bit longer to see how BMW plans to continue the storied lineage of the M5 Touring. However, if you think the 2024 BMW M5 Touring might be something you’d be interested in hearing more about, then register your interest below to ensure you’ll be the first to hear about it. But, if you can’t wait to get your hands on an M5 Touring, then check out our new and used BMW M5 saloons for sale here.

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