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Dick Lovett BMW Is Proud To Assist West Country Charity NICU Support


NICU Support is an organisation that helps give sick or premature babies the best possible start in life. NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Units), and the babies in these units, plus their mums, deserve all the love, care and support we can give.

NICU Support's main role is to collect life-saving breast milk from volunteer mothers and deliver it to babies who need it. They transport this essential milk to 14 NICUs and hospitals across six counties, including Bristol, Bath, Swindon, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Somerset, Devon and Cornwall.

The charity also collects and drives mums to the intensive care units, helping them to spend as much time as possible with their precious little ones.

How it all started

The charity is run by Mike Burns, who was initially involved with Blood Bikes, the national charity that delivers Blood to the NHS out of hours. At the time, Mike discovered that milk donors had to take the milk themselves to the hospitals to nourish babies in need. To help them out, he began transporting breast milk on the Blood Bikes. 

He also found out that many mums with premature babies in NICUs can't get to see their little ones while they're in care, particularly if the mum has had a C-section. To help out, Mike and his teams began driving mothers to visit their babies, using their own cars. This service has made a huge difference to so many mums who are separated from their tiny babies at such a critical time.


How Dick Lovett got involved

When Mike explained the situation to Russ Trotman, Dick Lovett’s Franchise Director, Russ knew he had to help. He offered to provide a BMW X1 4x4 to provide comfortable, spacious travel for the mums, no matter what the weather. It also provides plenty of space for the breast milk containers, as the NICU Support fleet needs to transport ever-increasing volumes of this essential resource.

We now maintain the BMW X1, as well as a second X1 and several BMW i3 provided to NICU Support by BMW UK, to keep them in peak condition for this much-needed service. Look out for them in their striking yellow-and-white livery!

Over the years, Dick Lovett team members have also taken part in fundraising events, including runs, charity bike rides and raffles, as well as visiting hospitals to see the charity’s vital work in action. We're delighted to be supporting this worthy cause, and helping mothers and babies to be together at a crucial time.

Find out more about this wonderful charity at milkbanks.co.uk

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