What You Need To Know About The All-New BMW M5

They say rules are meant to be broken. The new BMW M5 not only tears up the rule book it stamps on, chucks it in the bin and then sets fire to it for good measure.

This beast of a machine has been to the gym. It’s trimer, lighter and has way more muscles than its predecessor. It’s even got an eight-pack in the shape of a new 8-speed Steptronic transmission.

The First BMW M5 With All-Wheel Drive - But It Can Still Drift!
The First BMW M5 With All-Wheel Drive - But It Can Still Drift!

The First BMW M5 With All-Wheel Drive

Then there’s the pioneering M XDrive all-wheel drive system. Coupled with 600 bhp, up to 750 Nm of torque and a gutsy V8 Bi-turbo engine, 0-60 is an adrenaline junkies dream - just 3.4 seconds.

While purists may turn their noses up at the all-wheel drive system, it’s needed for the raw power of the BMW M5’s 4.4 litres engine. The M xDrive controls the torque distribution between the front and rear axle, only engaging the front axle when it senses the back wheels have reached the absolute limit of their grip. This means maximum power and maximum grip on all roads at all times.

It also means the BMW M5 essentially behaves like a rear-wheel drive car. But for those who really can’t bear the thought of all-wheel drive, there’s the option to just power the rear wheels meaning the M5 has the best of both worlds.

The All-New BMW M5 Rear
Quad tailpipes here mean business
Front of the All-New BMW M5
Look at that double-bubble carbon fibre roof

Lighter, More Powerful And Packed With New Technology

While it’s parentage is clear, the BMW M5 is packed with new technology and offers customisable variable damper control and M Servotronic steering. Both of these have three selectable modes; Comfort, Sport and Sport Plus.

The new BMW M5 has also lost a few pounds with the addition of the new carbon roof; the first ever installed on an M5. Aluminium body panels have also helped to shave around 40kg off the M5’s kerb weight when compared to its predecessor.

The turbochargers have been revised and work with a revised set of exhaust manifolds which have been engineered to allow more expelled gases back into the engine. The lubrication and cooling systems have been replaced, with a new race specification oil pump added to helping ensure the mighty V8 keeps on ticking over.

Top speed, as ever, is electronically limited to 155mph.

Inside The New BMW M5

And the cabin gets an M-inspired update with sports seats, special trim, M-branded digital dials and an M-Sport steering wheel. Other distinctive M features include 20" M light alloy wheels, M Twin Tailpipes, striking M kidney grille with High-gloss black double slats and M mirror caps with aerodynamic winglet.

The BMW M5 is pushing boundaries now from £89,705 at Dick Lovett BMW Bristol and Dick Lovett BMW Bath as well as our Swindon and Hungerford dealerships. Why not call in and see how much fun breaking the BMW M5 rules can be?

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The All-New BMW M5 Interior
It's more of a cockpit than a cabin - and look at those "M" buttons on the wheel