The ELECTRAA Event with BMW i

On Sunday 26 April, Dick Lovett BMW attended the ELECTRAA 2015 event which was held outside the Malvern Theatres, Worcestershire. The main purpose of this event is to help dispel the myths associated with running an electric vehicle in the UK.

Robert Llewellyn started the conference by setting the scene and dispelling myths about the use of electric vehicles. Simon Crowfoot was second up and told the story of a great vision, the electric highway, which has been created without central government support. Also on stage was Paul Faithfull with the new electric three wheeler Morgan and finally Mike Schooling spoke about EV enhancement and DIY electric cars.

During our trip to Malvern, we made a brief stop at Gloucester Services where Ecotricity recently installed a DC Rapid Charging Unit. We were able to give the BMW i3 a quick charge while we grabbed a coffee.

The moment we arrived at ELECTRAA it was clear to see that the BMW i8 was an instant hit. Admirers of both old and young alike took the opportunity to get a closer look at this incredible plug-in electric hybrid vehicle. Even the staff from Tesla couldn't help but take a seat in the i8!

To discover the BMW i3 or i8 in full, call 0117 905 0000 and ask to speak to Scott Martin.

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