BMW i3

Gone are the days of electric cars being a side-show. Today, with BMW at the helm, the all-electric car is surging forward and the incredible i3 is leading the way. Zero emissions, visionary design style and German engineering.

The BMW i3 is certainly not just another box on wheels; rather it harnesses genuinely cutting-edge style and functionality. At the front, BMW's signature twin-grille subtly glows blue, to remind all who see it of the car's impeccable lineage. The bold colour-coded bumper, with fog lights picked out in black, contrasts with an almost glass-like black finish on the bonnet. The black carries on right over the top of the car and colours the boot, too. At the sides regular front doors give way to a lowered rear window line and rear 'suicide' doors. Due in-part to the car's carbon fibre passenger cell, the i3 has no central pillar, which produces a true wow-factor when both doors are opened simultaneously.

Inside things are equally cutting-edge, with slimline seating and the use of sustainably sourced materials. Choose from four 'interior worlds' ranging from Standard, Loft and Lodge to Suite. Each of these uses sustainable wood, naturally tanned leather and recycled textiles. All give an ultra-modern premium feel.

At the front the dashboard is mounted on weight-saving magnesium and includes a fully digitalised tablet-like display. The technological sophistication continues with an up-to-the-minute navigation system that tells of the car's range in relation to terrain, traffic and battery power. To add further to the technology, the i3 even has its own app that gives you live-charge telemetry.

BMW's i3 offers not only groundbreaking design, but also zero on-road emissions and near silent motoring by utilising cutting-edge eDrive technology. This feature comprises an ingenious electric motor, high-capacity lithium ion batteries and intelligent energy management. The wonder of the electric motor is that it produces almost full torque instantly, which for the average driver simply means an impressive 0-60mph of under 7.2 seconds and a range of up to 100 miles. And for those that worry about the range of electric cars, there is the option of the Range Extender model. This adds a 650cc engine with a 9.0-litre fuel tank and gives a total range of up to 186 miles.

With a carbon fibre passenger cell, the i3 is not only ultra-light but also ultra-tough. Not content with leaving it there though, BMW has added the option of collision warning, alerting you to potential hazards, and Traffic Jam Assist, which can autonomously control the car at speeds up to 24mph. Of course a full complement of airbags is standard, too.

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