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BMW i3

The incredible zero-emission new BMW i3

The incredible zero-emission new BMW i3 is an all-electric car designed for the urban jungle. It’s compact but bold and packed full with cutting-edge technology.

The electric motor produces almost full torque instantly, delivering an impressive 0-62mph in under 7.2 seconds and a range of up to 100 miles. And for those that worry about the range of electric cars, there is the option of the Range Extender model.

This adds a 650cc engine with a 9.0-litre fuel tank and gives a total range of up to 186 miles. With a carbon fibre passenger cell, the new BMW i3 is not only ultra-light but also ultra-tough.

BMW i3 Image 1
BMW i3 Image 1
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BMW i3

The new BMW i3 is ground-breaking on all fronts. It sports bold colour-coded bumpers, fog lights picked out in black to contrast against an almost glass-like black finish on the bonnet.

The black carries on right over the top of the car and down to the boot.  At the sides regular front doors give way to a lowered rear window line and rear 'suicide' doors. Inside things are equally cutting-edge, with slimline seating and the use of sustainably sourced materials, including wood, naturally tanned leather and recycled textiles. All give an ultra-modern premium feel.

The visionary design is continued throughout, with the option of collision warning, alerting you to potential hazards and Traffic Jam Assist, which can autonomously control the car at speeds up to 24mph. Discover the new BMW i3 on a test drive at Dick Lovett BMW in Bristol, Bath, Hungerford or Swindon. Alternatively, call us and let our experts take you through the options and finance deals available.

BMW i3

Electrical Drive Component

BMW i3 is the electrical drive component of BMW i3. It comprises of an electric motor, a lithium-ion high-performance battery and intelligent energy management. All vehicles with BMW eDrive technology rely on a high-tech lithium-ion battery.

It's partnered with a cooling system that keeps it at its optimum operating temperature, increasing its output and service life. Recharging is possible wherever electricity is available; from a 230-volt household socket to dedicated electric car charging points.

2022 BMW i3

BMW i3

LifeDrive architecture

LifeDrive architecture makes all BMW i3 exceptionally lightweight. It consists of the Drive module – an aluminum chassis – and the Life module – an ultralight passenger compartment made of high-strength carbon-fibre.

Together they create sustainability and perfect weight balance and deliver unmatched sportiness. The LifeDrive was built from the ground up for an electric motor and battery — allowing both to live together in BMW I cars in perfect harmony.

2022 BMW i3

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