How Often Should I Service My BMW?

How Often Should I Service My BMW?

How do I know if my BMW needs a service?

BMW Servicing

Getting your BMW serviced regularly is important. It maintains the condition of your car, ensuring it runs smoothly, and it also helps to retain its resale value – proof of a full service history is a real asset when the time comes to sell your BMW.

When your BMW needs a service can depend on the mileage it’s done, or after a certain time – every 10,000 miles, for example, or once a year. But now, it’s even easier than ever to manage your BMW service schedule. How? Your car will let you know when it’s ready for a service.

The icons on the dashboard of your BMW will notify you of any service requirements, as well as alerting you to any particular areas that need attention. You can also check on your BMW service schedule by using the iDrive system. If your BMW is fitted with it, the Intelligent Personal Assistant (IPA) will keep you updated on servicing details.

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What is BMW Condition Based Servicing (CBS)?

What is BMW Condition Based Servicing (CBS)?

Condition Based Servicing

Newer BMW models are fitted with Condition Based Servicing (CBS), an intelligent maintenance system that continually monitors the condition of your vehicle.

CBS checks the status of some of the most important operational components of your BMW. If any parts aren’t operating to full capacity, the CBS will notify you by activating the service symbol. This includes engine oil, micro filters, front and rear brake pads, brake fluid, spark plugs and engine diagnostics.

CBS also alerts you when a service is due, checking time and mileage recommendations. If a service on your BMW is due, it will inform you four weeks in advance, giving you the time to get in touch with Dick Lovett BMW to book your service.

BMW Condition Based Servicing can be accessed through a wide range of BMW models, including iDrive and non-iDrive versions.

What is BMW Teleservices?

What is BMW Teleservices?

BMW Teleservices

Available free to all BMW owners with ConnectedDrive, BMW Teleservices is a system of direct wireless communication between your vehicle and BMW.

It’s designed to allow Dick Lovett’s technicians to access the vehicle data quickly and easily. This means our servicing team can understand what your vehicle needs, and can react quickly if there’s a problem.

BMW Teleservices works with your BMW service schedule, so your vehicle will always be checked at the right time. For example, when your next service is due, BMW Teleservices automatically sends the relevant data from the Condition Based Service system (CBS) to BMW.

From there, Dick Lovett BMW can access the vehicle-related data and contact you to arrange your service and book an appointment. Having access to your vehicle’s data allows Dick Lovett to plan how much work is involved and also to order any BMW Parts that might be needed in advance. This saves you time and gets you behind the wheel and back on the road as soon as possible.

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