BMW Electric & Hybrid Cars

BMW Electric & Hybrid Cars

Electric & Hybrid BMW Cars

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Experience the joy of BMW driving for the modern era. With advances in design, technology, innovation and efficiency, the time to switch to a BMW electric car – or a BMW hybrid model – is now.

The BMW driving experience remains authentic and luxurious, whilst still delivering class-leading style and performance, but with zero tailpipe emissions and a much lower impact on the environment. It’s a step towards the motoring future, today.

At Dick Lovett BMW, we have an unbeatable collection of electric vehicles (EVs/BEVs) and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs), from the sleek and sporty BMW i4 to the BMW 5 Series Touring plug-in hybrid, which offers supremely comfortable cruising and significant storage capacity. Whatever you need in a car, we’ve got it covered.

To view BMW electric and BMW hybrid cars, contact us at Dick Lovett BMW. Our dealerships are located in Bristol, Hungerford, Melksham (near Bath) and Swindon. We can also arrange a test drive. Welcome to supercharged driving from BMW.

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Types of BMW Electric & Hybrid Vehicles

Whether you want a pure BMW electric car or a BMW hybrid, the range of vehicles from BMW is extensive and impressive. From the versatile BMW iX1 SUV to the dynamic SAV BMW X5, the portfolio includes the brand’s most popular models. There are also PHEV versions of the MPV 2 Series Active Tourer and the stylish BMW 3 Series, BMW 5 Series Saloon and Touring and BMW 7 Series Saloon.

With a plug-in electric hybrid BMW, although you might drive using the petrol engine for much of the time on the road, the option to switch to all-electric mode for shorter journeys is appealing. Not only that, it can save money. Switching to electric when entering a Clean Air Zone (CAZ) in a city means you don’t need to pay a charge, as your vehicle will be emission-free.

New BMW i3

BMW i3

From: £33,805

The all-electric BMW i3 and i3s are instantly recognisable thanks to their bold design, and makes a big impression for a smaller car. It clocks 0-60mph in 7.2 seconds and has a driving range of up to 100 miles*. (Available as Approved Used only).

New BMW i4

BMW i4

From: £50,775

This is BMW’s first all-electric Gran Coupé, so it’s a high-profile addition to the range. Featuring 5th Generation eDrive technology, with an electric driving range of up to 352 miles (WLTP), it’s built for long-journey cruising. This is also available as an M Performance model in the BMW i4 M50.

New BMW i5

BMW i5

From: £67,695

The BMW i5 is an incredible all-round electric package that offers great performance (335 bhp) as well as an exceptionally comfortable drive for all onboard. The latest tech and luxury features make the i5 a perfect middle ground between the BMW i4 and i7. An impressive range of up to 357 miles is another great feature of the i5.

New BMW i5 M60 xDrive

BMW i5 M60 xDrive

From: £97,745

With 593 bhp and up to 315 miles of range, the new BMW i5 M60 xDrive is a fully electric saloon that blends practicality with performance similar to its ICE sibling, the M5 Competition. With instant power delivery from dual motors and xDrive, the i5 M60 xDrive is ready for anything.

New BMW i7

BMW i7

From: £101,765

The first all-electric BMW i7 saloon comes with a range of up to 382 miles* and takes luxury to the next level with options such as a large theatre screen with built-in Amazon Fire TV.

New BMW i7 M70 xDrive

BMW i7 M70 xDrive

From: £164,320

The peak of luxury with incredible electric performance, the BMW i7 M70 changes the game and deservingly earns its place as the flagship model. The i7 M70's 650 bhp and 1,100 Nm speaks for itself - truly mind-blowing performance capable of 0-62 mph in only 3.7 seconds

New BMW iX


From: £70,985

The BMX iX is a luxury BMW Electric SUV. Fitted with high-tech features and superior interior comfort, this five-seater is powered by two electric motors and is fast; 0-62mph is under five seconds.

New BMW iX1


From: £46,205

The iX1 is a new member of the BMW electric car family, an entry-level SUV model with a driving range of up to 272 miles*.

New BMW iX2


From: £57,445

The BMW iX2 is a Sports Activity Coupé and the newest member of the BMWi range. The striking SUV-Coupé features powerful M Sport Exterior styling and boasts an impressive range of up to 267 miles.

New BMW iX3


From: £65,160

The BMW iX3 is a Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) - the brand’s first all-electric SAV model. With a panoramic sunroof as standard, and front kidney grille, the exterior design is impressive – as is the 270-mile driving range*.

New BMW 2 Series Active Tourer Plug-in Hybrid

BMW 2 Series Active Tourer Plug-in Hybrid

From: £40,070

This powerful MPV has a petrol engine, supported by an electric motor. Drive in pure electric mode, and the range is up to a solid 57 miles*. With a top speed of 126mph and 0-62mph acceleration in 6.7 seconds, performance is impressive.

New BMW 3 Series Saloon Plug-in Hybrid

BMW 3 Series Saloon Plug-in Hybrid

From: £46,985

The 3 Series Saloon offers a TwinPower Turbo 4-cylinder petrol engine and a top speed of 142mph, but switch to all-electric mode and you can still get up to 86mph. All-electric driving range is up to 37 miles*. Sporty handling, seats and a host of assistance features make this a dream to drive.

New BMW 3 Series Touring Plug-in Hybrid

BMW 3 Series Touring Plug-in Hybrid

From: £48,785

With a power output of 292 bhp and 300 Nm and an all-electric range of up to 37 miles*, the 3 Series Touring PHEV excels in many areas. Its innovative plug-in hybrid drive technology offers flexibility and efficiency in every driving situation, with xDrive also available. 

New BMW 5 Series Saloon Plug-in Hybrid

BMW 5 Series Saloon Plug-in Hybrid

From: £59,455

This spacious and versatile saloon is available in two different configurations - the 530e or 550e xDrive. With a maximum pure-electric driving range of 63 miles*, you can enjoy emission-free journeys. Thanks to BMW’s latest plug-in hybrid system, high levels of responsiveness and comfort are guaranteed.

New BMW 5 Series Touring Plug-in Hybrid

BMW 5 Series Touring Plug-in Hybrid

Conveniently situated between the purely internal combustion engine 5 Series Touring and the fully-electric i5 Touring, the plug-in hybrid (PHEV) variant delivers exceptional versatility. An all-electric driving range of up to 60 miles*, paired with cutting-edge technology make this model both a pleasure to drive and ready to take on any challenge.

New BMW 7 Series

BMW 7 Series

From: £105,510

Fitted with a petrol engine and E-drive electric motor that delivers a range of up to 36 miles* and max speed of 86 mph (155mph in petrol mode), the BMW 7 Series PHEV comes with BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant and Parking Assistant as standard. Inside, Nappa leather upholstery confirms the luxury feel.

New BMW M760e xDrive

BMW M760e xDrive

From: £121,085

BMWs first plug-in hybrid M Performance vehicle. The M760e produces 571 bhp and 800 Nm while maintaining the luxury of the 7 Series. 0-62 mph is achieved in only 4.3 seconds thanks to the 6-cylinder TwinPower Turbo petrol engine and electric eDrive technology. The M760e can achieve more than 49 miles* in pure electric mode.

New BMW X1 Plug-in Hybrid

BMW X1 Plug-in Hybrid

From: £42,670

This SUV has an electric driving range of up to 32 miles*, and a top speed of 83mph, moving up to 119mph when the engine is engaged. Sports-style seats are standard, and internal storage is an impressive 505 litres. Top of the range is the M Sport trim.

New BMW X3 Plug-in Hybrid

BMW X3 Plug-in Hybrid

From: £56,515

This powerful Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) can tackle challenging terrain, with a TwinPower Turbo engine and an electric motor. Toggle between a series of drive modes for maximum performance; in pure electric mode, driving range is up to 30 miles*.

New BMW X5 Plug-in Hybrid

BMW X5 Plug-in Hybrid

From: £80,835

The BMW X5 PHEV delivers superb performance, with 0-62mph acceleration in 5.6 seconds and a top speed of 150mph thanks to its TwinPower Turbo engine. Turn to pure electric mode, and you’ll still reach 83mph, with a driving range of up 54 miles* – comfortably enough for short to medium distance trips.



From: £113,480

The BMW XM is the first BMW M plug-in hybrid vehicle and the second car to be entirely developed by BMW M in their history - following the iconic M1 in 1978. With 653 hp and 800 Nm, this is the ultimate example of BMW's X Series M lineup. The revolutionary V8 hybrid powertrain also enables an all-electric driving range of up to 50 miles*.

Differences Between BMW Electric & Hybrid Cars

Differences Between BMW Electric & Hybrid Cars

We often refer to electric and hybrid cars in the same category, but they’re different types of cars.

In simple terms, a BMW electric car doesn’t have an engine at all, whereas a BMW hybrid car does. A BMW electric car is powered exclusively by an electric motor, so pure electric driving range on these models is much longer – 200 or 300 miles on a single charge.

BMW hybrid cars have an electric motor as well as a petrol combustion engine. This gives motorists a choice of driving modes. You can use the combustion engine for longer journeys and switch to all or pure electric mode for shorter daily driving. Hybrid, or PHEV, cars typically have a shorter battery driving range of around 30-50 miles. Depending on your driving habits, you could still operate in electric mode for most of the time, providing you re-charge regularly.

As well as PHEV cars, there are also BMW cars with Mild Hybrid Technology (MHT) fitted. These are known as Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicles (MHEV), and have an engine supported by an electric motor. It improves the efficiency of your car when driving by saving energy when braking, and reharvesting it to give the engine a boost. Drivers don’t notice any difference when behind the wheel, but MHEVs are more economical than petrol or diesel models.

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Why Buy BMW Electric & Hybrid Cars?

There has never been a better time to buy a BMW electric or hybrid car. Within a few years – the deadline is 2030 – it won’t be possible to buy a new petrol or diesel car in the UK, so it’s surely only a matter of time before the majority of motorists are purchasing electric and hybrid cars (from new, at least, used petrol and diesel vehicles will obviously still be available).

The benefits of switching to electric with BMW are multiple. There are potentially financial benefits, as all-electric cars are exempt from road tax (this will end in April 2025) and hybrid models may pay less vehicle tax than cars with a combustion engine. 

And, even though electricity costs have been steadily rising in recent times, you may still experience lower running costs with a BMW electric car. Charging from a station installed at your home can still prove to be less expensive than filling a fuel tank with petrol or diesel. This applies to hybrid models too – use pure electric mode for shorter trips and you may find you can go days or even weeks without using the combustion engine.

There's also energy tariffs designed for electric car owners that offer lower 'off-peak' rates, meaning that during certain hours (often overnight) you'll benefit from a cheaper price per kWh used. Our BMW electric charging costs guide identified that savings can be over £26.

There may also be reduced maintenance costs, with fewer parts to service – no engine oil changes are required on EV models for starters – but check with your BMW dealership.

There are, of course, also environmental benefits to driving electric BMW cars, with zero tailpipe emissions. It’s everyone’s responsibility to contribute to cleaner air and a more sustainable environment.

As well as any money-saving benefits, consider the driving experience of a BMW electric car and a BMW hybrid car when in all-electric mode. They are a genuine joy to drive, with almost instant acceleration, smooth handling and manoeuvring, and little to no noise pollution. With no gears, there’s no jerkiness, either – just flawless performance. With an ever-increasing range of models, there’s plenty of choice should you be looking to purchase an electric BMW car or BMW hybrid car.

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BMW Electric & Hybrid Cars

How Do BMW Electric & Hybrid Cars Work?

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BMW electric cars work differently to hybrid cars from BMW. We’ll explain briefly here.

With an electric car, there is no engine to power the vehicle. Instead, when plugged into a charging point and taking electricity from the national grid, energy is stored in the battery – or several batteries – which is then used to operate the electric motor. The battery doesn’t need to be fully charged at all times to power the car, but if the battery is flat, there’s no other means of the vehicle travelling – unlike a hybrid.

A hybrid car has an engine and an electric motor. Drivers can choose their driving mode, depending on their length of journey. If you’re in all-electric mode and the battery’s charge starts to deplete, the car will switch to using its engine, so there’s no need to worry about running out of ‘juice’. The battery can be replenished as you drive, and also by connecting to a charging point - hence the term ‘plug-in’ hybrid.

PHEVs have smaller battery packs than pure electric cars, so the driving range when in electric mode is much smaller. But, it’s still typically long enough for short daily commutes to work, the school run, and local trips.

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*These figures were obtained after the battery had been fully charged. There is a new test for fuel consumption, CO2 and electric range figures. The electric range shown was achieved using the new test procedure. Figures shown are for comparability purposes. Only compare fuel consumption, CO2 and electric range figures with other cars tested to the same technical procedures. These figures may not reflect real life driving results, which will depend upon a number of factors including the starting charge of the battery, accessories fitted (post-registration), variations in weather, driving styles and vehicle load.