BMW Air Conditioning Service

BMW Air Conditioning Service

Why should you service your air conditioning?

BMW Air conditioning Service

Air conditioning is one of those modern motoring luxuries that is easy to take for granted. Air conditioning makes sure you can control the temperature and climate inside your BMW – whether that’s cool in the summer or pleasantly warm in the winter – and means you can enjoy the ideal climate when driving.

To ensure your air conditioning is functioning to its best, you should have your system regularly inspected and serviced. Here at Dick Lovett BMW, our team of Approved Technicians are fully trained in all aspects of BMW air conditioning service.

We offer two kinds of air conditioning service – a recharge or a refresh. They can check for any leaks, test pressure settings are correct, and conduct an air conditioning recharge (also known as regassing) if required. They can also clean the air conditioning system to remove any bacteria, treat the air vents, and keep everything fresh.

You can book air con servicing at any of Dick Lovett’s BMW dealerships, in Bristol, Hungerford (near Andover and Newbury), Melksham (near Bath) or Swindon from just £39.

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What does regassing or a recharge include?

Air conditioning uses refrigerant gas to keep running cool, but this gas doesn’t last indefinitely. If you find that the air-con isn’t as cold as it used to be, it might be time for your BMW to have some air con servicing and regassing. Regassing removes the old refrigerant gas and replaces it with new gas. This is covered by a BMW Air Conditioning Recharge. It includes full system checks, inspecting for any possible leaks, and draining the old gas before refilling with new refrigerant.

It’s a relatively quick and simple part of a BMW air conditioning service, but if you don’t book your car in for a regas, you’ll probably notice the air-con becoming increasingly less effective over time. 

A BMW Air Conditioning Refresh is the other type of air con servicing. A refresh service involves a technician cleaning and disinfecting the duct systems and treating the air vents to maintain that fresh ‘new car’ scent.

BMW Air Conditioning Questions

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Booking your air conditioning service

To book your BMW air conditioning service at Dick Lovett, just get in touch with any of our dealerships in the South West. Our air con servicing facilities in Bristol, Hungerfor, Melksham and Swindon are open six days a week.

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