The latest R 18 accessories from BMW Motorrad

Posted 3rd September 2020


The eagerly anticipated BMW R 18 has arrived at Dick Lovett Motorrad. We’ve put together some of our favourite BMW Motorrad Accessories available for this all new model. The R 18 is the ultimate Cruiser bike, and these accessories allow you to put your own unique stamp on an already very special machine.


The latest R 18 accessories from BMW Motorrad 3There are a number of handlebar options available for the new R 18, and the most striking are the apehanger bars. Apehanger bars have been synonymous with the custom cruiser bike scene for almost five decades and the new R 18 allows continues that tradition. The apehanger handlebars available in the BMW Motorrad Accessories range come black or chrome plated and in 6.5” or 16” heights.


As standard the BMW R 18 comes with 19” front and 16” rear spoked wheels, but there are a number of wheel options in the BMW Motorrad Accessories range if you’re looking for something bigger. The optional 19” front and 21” rear wheel set is available in a number of different styles including chrome plated or solid black.


A number of the BMW R 18 Accessories have been developed with some iconic names in the custom bike world. One of these is legendary US exhaust manufacturer Vance and Hines. The optional tapered rear silencer is available in black or chrome, and is designed to enhance the sound of the ‘big-boxer’ engine!


‘Bobber’ style bikes have increased in popularity over the past few years and now with the BMW Motorrad Accessories range you can add this iconic look to your BMW R 18. The kit removes the pillion seat and replaces it with a traditional sprung single seat and ‘bob-tail’ cut rear mudguard.


To compliment the Bobber Kit, the R 18 has an optional side mounted number plate carrier. This removes the number from the rear of the bike and locates it on the side of the bike alongside the rear wheel.


The biggest talking point on the R 18 is the staggering 1800cc big boxer engine. The Motorrad Accessories range has a number of beautifully machined engine coverings to not only keep the engine safe but also to enhance its look.


Included in the Accessories range are a number of machined trim pieces that have been designed to perfectly enhance some of the R 18s most recognisable features. There’s a Roland Sands Design headlight surround, fork covers, speedometer housing and much more.

As you will see, there is near endless scope to personalise the R 18 with the BMW Motorrad Accessories range. If you'd like to be one of the first to get your hands on the new BMW R 18, then please speak to one of the Sales Team in Bristol by enquiring online today.

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