Our tips for looking after your bike this winter

Posted 4th November 2021

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The UK climate makes it challenging to keep bikes in good cosmetic condition. The corrosive grime, salt and grit on our roads all year round can cause irreparable damage quickly if steps are not taken to maintain or protect our bikes.

It is the owner’s responsibility to protect their bike from corrosion – the manufacturer will not normally accept warranty claims that are for corrosion that appears to be caused by lack of care or maintenance. However, do not fear! There are some simple measures that can be taken to keep a bike in great cosmetic condition and maintain its optimum value.

Make sure you wash the bike after every ride with cold water during the winter, and regularly during the autumn – it’s best to do this out of direct sunlight. It is recommended to use BMW branded cleaning products to avoid damage to sensitive finishes and always use clean cloths that are free from grit to wipe down or polish. If you are unsure on what products to use, contact our Aftersales team for further advice, we are always happy to help!

During the winter it is advisable to apply ACF50 frequently to all metal, non-braking components. The more you ride and wash your bike, the more often this should be applied – it is removed when the bike is washed with any cleaning product. We must stress that this must not come into contact with any braking surface (discs or pads).

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If you are planning on storing your bike for the winter it is a great idea to have a full valet and ACF50 before it is put away. We can collect and deliver the bike so that it doesn’t get dirty on the ride home before being stored. For further information refer to the care section in the BMW riders manual or speak to our colleagues when you’re next at the Centre.

We offer great deals on valeting and ACF50 treatments, if you would like to arrange getting your bike booked in tap the button below or call 01173 210 511.

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