New BMW Motorrad C 400 GT For Sale

New BMW Motorrad C 400 GT For Sale

BMW Motorrad C 400 GT

City-ready with the new BMW C 400 GT

The engine of the new BMW C 400 GT was developed especially for BMW’s new mid-size scooters and ideally meets the special requirements of urban traffic.

Low engine speed thanks to efficiency-optimised design, high acceleration speeds, efficient combustion and minimised friction losses.

This not only ensures low fuel consumption, but also great riding pleasure. And all of that with emission values according to the Euro 4 emissions standard.

The new BMW C 400 GT is available in Alpine White, Black Storm Metallic and Moonwalk Grey Metallic for a small additional cost.


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Mid-size scooter

LED headlight

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BMW Motorrad C 400 GT deals

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BMW Motorrad C 400 GT

The new BMW C 400 GT is fitted with BMW Motorrad ABS and Automatic Stability Control (ASC) as standard and features a stunning stainless steel exhaust system for real street presence.

There’s in-built flex case storage and a centre stand for convenience, as well as keyless ride functionality.

Your smartphone fits into the charging compartment with an integrated power outlet, so that you don't have to miss anything during your journey. With the optional BMW Motorrad Connectivity you can connect your smartphone directly to your scooter via a TFT display.

Find out more about the incredible new BMW C 400 GT at Dick Lovett BMW Motorrad Bristol or book a test drive to experience this fun mid-sized scooter for yourself.

BMW Motorrad C 400 GT


ABS reduces abrupt changes in steering force, even in the event of fast braking, such as when an unexpected obstacle suddenly appears causing the rider to brake instinctively.

This means the motorcycle remains under control even during brake manoeuvres at a banking angle. Wheel sensors measure the speed at which the front and rear wheels are rotating and immediately identify if either wheel is in danger of locking up. This ensures that there is always precisely the required level of brake pressure available.

2024 BMW Motorrad C 400 GT

BMW Motorrad C 400 GT

Automatic Stability Control

The BMW C 400 GT comes with BMW’s Automatic Stability Control which limits the amount of engine drive torque transmitted according to road surface conditions.

This eliminates rear wheel spin and makes power transmission more efficient, increasing active riding safety significantly in borderline situations, such as when riding in the rain. If regulation of electronics is not required - for example on the race track - you can deactivate the system at the press of a button, even while moving.

2024 BMW Motorrad C 400 GT

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