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BMW Motorrad C Evolution

The urban future - the new BMW C Evolution

The new BMW C evolution is the future of city motorcycling, today. This electro maxi scooter combines sustainability, dynamics and agility.

The powerful, fully-electric drive has a range of up to 100 miles, while four riding modes and intelligent energy saving technology when braking and accelerating means maximum riding performance.

It’s also kind to the environment and gets you from A to B with no emissions or engine noise.

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BMW Motorrad C Evolution

Unlike traditional combustion engines, the electric drive in the new BMW C evolution offers instant power. There is no delay in the build up of torque.

The top speed is electronically cut off at 75mph to optimise power consumption and range too. The new BMW C evolution accelerates from 0-30mph in barely 2.8 seconds - it’s perfectly designed for agile and sporty city riding without the fuel bills.

You can use the motorcycle’s standard cable to charge straight from a household mains socket. Short charging times make the new BMW C evolution ideal for everyday use.

The styling of the new BMW C evolution is futuristic yet also instantly recognisable as being typical of BMW Motorrad. LED daytime riding light, LED lights and the large TFT colour display are just some of the innovative onboard technology. 

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BMW Motorrad C evolution - ABS

ABS reduces abrupt changes in steering force, even in the event of fast breaking, such as when an unexpected obstacle suddenly appears causing the rider to brake instinctively.

This means the motorcycle remains under control even during brake manoeuvres at a banking angle. Wheel sensors measure the speed at which the front and rear wheels are rotating and immediately identify if either wheel is in danger of locking up. This ensures that there is always precisely the required level of brake pressure available.

2021 BMW Motorrad C Evolution

BMW Motorrad C evolution - Automatic Stability Control

The BMW Motorrad C Evolution comes with BMW’s Automatic Stability Control which limits the amount of engine drive torque transmitted according to road surface conditions.

This eliminates rear wheel spin and makes power transmission more efficient, increasing active riding safety significantly in borderline situations, such as when riding in the rain. If regulation of electronics is not required - for example on the race track - you can deactivate the system at the press of a button, even while moving.

2021 BMW Motorrad C Evolution
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