BMW C 650 Sport

The new BMW C 650 Sport is the perfect everyday ride 

The new BMW C 650 Sport is perfect for the weekly commute and everyday life in the city.

The powerful two-cylinder in-line engine gets you to your destination quickly, comfortably and efficiently. The modern design with its clear focus on dynamics emphasises the scooter's sporty aspirations.

The new stainless steel exhaust system gives it a sporty appearance and an even more impressive sound. The agile chassis allows you to take corners with ease and weave through the narrow gaps in dense city traffic.

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BMW C 650 Sport

The new BMW C 650 Sport is available in Austin Yellow Metallic, Black Storm Metallic or HP Motorsport. Its re-designed front gives this scooter an especially sporty look.

The new handlebar covers with high-gloss centre section and chrome highlights give it a stylish edge, while details such as the storage compartment latch with its high-quality chrome surface, new seat seams and the new BMW C 650 Sport model inscription further enhance the appearance.

The new BMW C 650 Sport has been given an upgraded clutch to enable it to accelerate faster at lower speeds meaning pulling away from traffic lights is a real breeze.

It’s also comfortable and can be personalised with heated handles and a heated seat. Take a test drive at Dick Lovett BMW Motorrad Bristol or contact us to find out about our available finance deals and offers.

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BMW Motorrad BMW C 650 Sport key feature


ABS reduces abrupt changes in steering force, even in the event of fast breaking, such as when an unexpected obstacle suddenly appears causing the rider to brake instinctively. This means the motorcycle remains under control even during brake manoeuvres at a banking angle. Wheel sensors measure the speed at which the front and rear wheels are rotating and immediately identify if either wheel is in danger of locking up. This ensures that there is always precisely the required level of brake pressure available.

2019 BMW Motorrad BMW C 650 Sport ABS

BMW Motorrad BMW C 650 Sport key feature

Single Wire System

The BMW Single Wire System (SWS) reduces cabling, and its CAN technology (Controller Area Network) integrates all control units in one network, greatly simplifying the comprehensive diagnostic process. Moreover, it does away with conventional safety fuses as the system automatically switches off any components in case of malfunction. Other advantages of this intelligent motorcycle electrical system include weight reduction in the cable harness, increased interference immunity and full diagnostic capability.

2019 BMW Motorrad BMW C 650 Sport Single Wire System
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