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BMW Motorrad R nineT Racer

Feel the power of the new BMW R nineT Racer

The new BMW R nineT Racer lets you relive the era of legendary superbikes. It’s a quality, customisable bike with innovative technology.

The powerful air-cooled, two-cylinder boxer engine features a capacity of 1170 ccm and 110 bhp of output for a highly dynamic power delivery, even at low speeds.

Crouched behind the striking half fairing, both hands tight on the low-slung handlebar grips, you can feel the powerful boxer work. Its a strong character that can hold the racing line.

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BMW Motorrad R nineT Racer

The New BMW R nineT Racer's technology is just as confident and strong as its design. Sporty and dynamic, the motorbike’s handlebars are positioned low on the upper fork bridge.

The footrests have made their way backwards and upwards to support the sporty seating position.

In addition, the optional custom rider's seat lowers the seat height from 805 mm to 795 mm. It can easily become a two-seater with the retrofittable pillion frame. Just one of many possibilities to customise your bike. Standard ABS keeps you safe even with the power on.

The custom range of optional equipment for the new BMW R nineT Racer includes two aluminium tanks, spoked wheels or even lowered suspension.

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BMW Motorrad R nineT Racer key feature


ABS reduces abrupt changes in steering force, even in the event of fast braking, such as when an unexpected obstacle suddenly appears causing the rider to brake instinctively. This means the motorcycle remains under control even during brake manoeuvres at a banking angle. Wheel sensors measure the speed at which the front and rear wheels are rotating and immediately identify if either wheel is in danger of locking up. This ensures that there is always precisely the required level of brake pressure available.

2019 BMW Motorrad R nineT Racer ABS

BMW Motorrad R nineT Racer key feature

Single Wire System

The BMW Motorrad Single Wire System (SWS) reduces cabling, and its CAN technology (Controller Area Network) integrates all control units in one network, greatly simplifying the comprehensive diagnostic process. Moreover, it does away with conventional safety fuses as the system automatically switches off any components in case of malfunction. Other advantages of this intelligent motorcycle electrical system include weight reduction in the cable harness, increased interference immunity and full diagnostic capability.

2019 BMW Motorrad R nineT Racer Single Wire System
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