New BMW Motorrad F 850 GS For Sale

New BMW Motorrad F 850 GS For Sale

From £10,750 Total
From £129 P/M PCP

BMW Motorrad F 850 GS

The new F 850 GS motorbike from BMW

The new BMW F 850 GS lets your effortlessly overcome some of the most challenging terrains thanks to the 21 inch front tyre.

It’s a robust and sporty motorbike, with a protective windscreen, high-quality design elements and a range of striking colours. In Pollux metallic matt it’s an elegant eye-catcher, while Light White, Racing Red and Lupin Blue metallic colours allows you to give the bike an even sportier accent.

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Rallye and Exclusive Styles

21 Inch Front Tyre

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BMW Motorrad F 850 GS

Choose the Connectivity ex-factory option on your new BMW F 850 GS and you’ll have access to navigation, telephone, media and vehicle-relevant data at all times. Clear and concise on a 6.5 inch TFT-display – without any distractions.

When it comes to design, the sense of adventure can be felt on every surface of this motorbike, from the rear to the front tank right up to the GS-typical headlamps.

Daytime running lights are an optional extra while the galvanised radiator blind for the Rallye and Exclusive styles give you a cool appearance both on the road and offroad.

The new BMW F 850 GS comes with a twin-cylinder 852cc engine which delivers 92Nm of torque. It gives it a zippy feel and distinctive engine note. This is one motorbike that can deliver an impressive performance and great fuel consumption figures too. 

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BMW Motorrad F 850 GS

Automatic Stability Control

The BMW Motorrad F 850 GS comes with BMW’s Automatic Stability Control which limits the amount of engine drive torque transmitted according to road surface conditions.

This eliminates rear wheel spin and makes power transmission more efficient, increasing active riding safety significantly in borderline situations, such as when riding in the rain. If regulation of electronics is not required - for example on the race track - you can deactivate the system at the press of a button, even while moving.

2024 BMW Motorrad F 850 GS

BMW Motorrad F 850 GS


ABS reduces abrupt changes in steering force, even in the event of fast breaking, such as when an unexpected obstacle suddenly appears causing the rider to brake instinctively.

This means the motorcycle remains under control even during brake manoeuvres at a banking angle. Wheel sensors measure the speed at which the front and rear wheels are rotating and immediately identify if either wheel is in danger of locking up. This ensures that there is always precisely the required level of brake pressure available.

2024 BMW Motorrad F 850 GS

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