Complimentary Aston Martin Track Day Vehicle Health Check 

Track days are a safe and legal way to push your Aston Martin to its limits. Throughout the year we organise our own track days in order to allow you to experience your Aston Martin on some of the most thrilling circuits in the UK.

A complimentary Track Day Health Check from Dick Lovett Aston Martin in Bristol before taking your car onto the circuit could make a vital difference to your car's performance. Our Aston Martin Approved Technicians will ensure your vehicle remains in optimum condition, before and after your track day.

Our pre and post Track Day Vehicle Health Check includes:

  • Wheel alignment check post track day
  • Wheel bolt torque
  • Inspection of tyre condition
  • Brake fluid level and hydroscopic value
  • Brake pad wear
  • Fluid check

If you would like to take advantage of our complimentary Aston Martin Track Day Vehicle Health Check, please contact Dick Lovett Aston Martin in Bristol using the button below or by giving us a call.

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