Aston Martin Wheels and Tyres

Aston Martin approved wheels and tyres

Aston Martin approved wheels and tyre service

If you drive an Aston Martin, you already have an appreciation for stylish, luxury motoring. So, with such an iconic vehicle, when it comes to servicing and replacing your wheels and tyres, you should only choose the very best.

Tyres are your car’s only point of contact with the road, so make a crucial contribution to its performance. To ensure prime handling and performance, you should only choose approved and genuine Aston Martin wheels and tyres – fitted by our manufacturer-trained and approved technicians at Aston Martin Bristol.

At Aston Martin Bristol, we’ll source the optimum Aston Martin tyres to meet the demands of your car. Our team will also fit any approved Aston Martin wheels and tyres to exacting standards, at our approved workshop. For expert advice on choosing the right Aston Martin wheels and tyres, and to get them fitted by expert technicians, get in touch today.

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Aston Martin Alloy Wheels

Aston Martin Alloy Wheels

Aston Martin alloy wheels & tyres

When you choose genuine Aston Martin alloy wheels, outstanding craftsmanship and attention to detail are guaranteed.

Designed and engineered for dynamic performance, all our Aston Martin wheels are forged at 400°C and under 8,000 tons of pressure to produce an incredibly strong alloy that’s 30% lighter than standard wheels.

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Aston Martin DBX

Aston Martin Winter Wheels

Aston Martin winter tyres

When temperatures drop and the conditions are wet and icy, your car’s ability to grip the road becomes even more important. Standard tyres can harden, compromising both performance and safety – but Aston Martin’s winter tyres wear more slowly in temperatures below 7°C, improving both traction and handling.

Our skilled technicians can fit your Aston Martin with a complete winter wheel and tyre kit so you can continue to enjoy driving in even the most challenging cold conditions.

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Aston Martin DBS

Aston Martin Summer Wheels

Aston Martin summer tyres

As the mercury rises, it’s easy to forget the negative effect hot road surfaces can have on tyres and your car’s handling – especially on long journeys or when the vehicle is carrying a lot of weight.

Fitting the correct Aston Martin approved tyres for warmer weather – usually anything above 7°C - can make a big difference to your car’s traction and braking in dry and wet conditions, leaving you to get on with just enjoying the drive.

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Aston Martin Wheel Fitting & Storage

Aston Martin Wheel Fitting & Storage

First class fitting and tyre storage service

Our approved technicians will be happy to change your Aston Martin’s wheels and tyres between the seasons and check the condition of your tyres at the same time. So, you can rest assured they are always fitted to the highest standards of safety and performance.

What’s more, Aston Martin Bristol has the facilities to securely store your winter or summer tyres when not in use, to help preserve their quality and condition.

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Aston martin Wheel & Tyre Services

Aston martin Wheel & Tyre Services

Aston Martin's Bristol wheel and tyre service

Aston Martin Bristol's comprehensive wheel and tyre services include:

  • Advising on the optimum wheels or tyres for your Aston Martin
  • Tyre fitting and replacement
  • Wheel alignment and balancing
  • Winter wheel and tyre kits
  • Seasonal tyre changes
  • Secure tyre storage
  • Puncture repair

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Aston Martin wheels and tyres. First class service.

Like all our genuine Aston Martin parts, wheels and tyres for Aston Martin models come with a 12-month warranty, giving you peace of mind when you buy. If you need Aston Martin wheels fast, order before 5pm and they will be ready to collect within two working days*.

For more information contact us online, on 01173 216 705 or by calling into our Aston Martin dealership in Bristol.

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*Subject to availability and where timescales allow.