Aston Martin Performance Parts & Upgrades

Aston Martin Performance Parts

Power and performance upgrades. Perfection bettered.

Take your Aston Martin to the next level at Aston Martin Bristol. Our highly experienced, factory trained technicians apply their specialist knowledge to a range of power and performance upgrades using only approved Aston Martin performance parts and equipment.

At our state-of-the-art workshop equipped with all of the latest Aston Martin technology, tools and diagnostics, we can upgrade your Aston Martin’s engine, braking, bodywork and aerodynamics to give you a driving experience that surpasses all expectations.

What can ultimately be achieved will depend on your Aston Martin model. Get in touch with our technical specialists for advice on how you might achieve your vision.

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Aston Martin Power Enhancements

Aston Martin Power Enhancements

Power upgrades

Investing in a power pack upgrade for even greater acceleration and torque. For example, the V8 Vantage power upgrade increases the power of already impressive 4.3 litre engine by 20bhp to 400bhp.

Torque is also increased by 10 Nm to 420Nm. It also enables the engine to make the most of the latest high octane fuels for a crisper throttle response and quicker acceleration.

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Aston Martin Exhaust Upgrades

Aston Martin Exhaust Upgrades

Sports exhaust systems

Amplify the exhilaration so synonymous with driving an Aston Martin. Lower the weight, enhance your car’s power and gain an even more visceral, dynamic engine note by fitting an Aston Martin approved sports exhaust system.

New engine calibration maximises sound quality, minimises unwanted noise and gives a distinctive and different sports characteristic to the standard silencer.

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Aston Martin power and performance upgrades. Driven to perfection.

To find out how our specialist technicians can elevate your Aston Martin to the limits of perfection, visit our state-of-the-art workshop, get in touch online or give our Aston Martin team a call on 01173 216 705.