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What Is The Aston Martin Timeless Programme?

Aston Martin Timeless

An Aston Martin is built for life – so once one owner has had their time with it, an Aston Martin is ready for another home. This is what we call the Aston Martin Timeless range.

Sometimes, the Aston Martin you want isn’t available brand new – or perhaps it’s a classic Aston Martin you’re after. That’s where Aston Martin Timeless comes in. The Timeless stamp is a seal of approval that a used Aston Martin is as good as new to you, ensuring the same high-quality guarantee you’d expect from any Aston Martin vehicle.

What does Aston Martin Timeless mean?

Any Aston Martin embodies the refined racing spirit the Aston Martin brand is famous for, regardless of whether it’s a brand new or used Aston Martin vehicle.

The Aston Martin Timeless programme offers preowned vehicles that deliver the same level of quality, precision and power that you’d expect from any Aston Martin, no matter its age. It’s a mark of distinction that lets you know your Aston Martin has been cared for not just by a previous owner, but by certified Aston Martin dealers like Dick Lovett Aston Martin Bristol.

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Why choose an Aston Martin Timeless vehicle?

You’ll want to know that your used Aston Martin has been taken care of, examined by a dealer with the finest attention to detail, and guaranteed for quality against strict Aston Martin standards.

The Timeless range ensures you find the Aston Martin you’ve always wanted, secure in peace of mind that it’s in the best possible condition.

Aston Martin Timeless Programme

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How does Aston Martin Timeless work?

When a used Aston Martin comes to Aston Martin Bristol, we make sure it’s in the perfect condition for resale. That means checking it against Aston Martin standards to ensure its free from damage, technical issues and non-Aston Martin approved parts.

We give it the seal of approval as an Aston Martin Timeless vehicle thanks to our unique connection with official Aston Martin standards and practices.

What are the benefits of Aston Martin Timeless?

By choosing an Aston Martin Timeless vehicle you know it’s been comprehensively inspected to meet the demanding aesthetic and mechanical standards you’d expect from a new Aston Martin – including its history, mileage and original source, all checked to guarantee quality.

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Aston Martin Alloy Wheel

Does Aston Martin warranty apply to Timeless vehicles?

Yes. When you choose a vehicle from the Timeless programme, you’ll benefit from a minimum 12-month extended Aston Martin warranty that ensures any work needed on your used vehicle is always undertaken by experts trained in the art of Aston Martin mechanics, using only genuine Aston Martin parts.

This Aston Martin warranty is also transferable, which can benefit the resale value if it comes time to trade in your Aston Martin.

Which Aston Martin vehicles are in the Timeless range?

There are many Aston Martin models available as part of the Timeless programme, depending on local availability.

At Dick Lovett Aston Martin Bristol, you’ll find quality vehicles all available to explore in person and test drive today.

Discover the entire range of Aston Martin Timeless vehicles at Dick Lovett Aston Martin Bristol today.

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