Top features of Aston Martin’s new DB12

Posted 24th July 2023

Marking 2023 as Aston Martin’s 110th Anniversary, it is only appropriate for the brand to release a car to mirror Aston Martin’s excellence and refinement; introducing the magnificent Aston Martin DB12.

It is no secret that the Aston Martin DB11 is much loved, and so why not carry on this lineage? Within this article, we are going to focus on the new DB12 in comparison to its predecessor, the DB11, and highlight what we see as the top features of the new model.

1. The Dominating Exterior

Although it derives from familiar body work on the DB11, the DB12 has undergone a significant face-lift, consisting of a more muscular build. From the aggressive enlarged grill to the enhanced stance with a wider track both front and rear, the DB12 has a more imposing aesthetic than that of the Aston Martin DB11.

Aston Martin DB12

The DB12 has a commanding presence on the road whilst retaining the athletic beauty that Aston Martin is renowned for.

2. An All-New, Innovative DB12 Interior

Both the DB11 and the DB12 are magnificent inside and out, however, what makes this new model stand out, is its advancements in technology. The Aston Martin DB12 interior transcends expectations as it moves towards a new level with a high-definition touch screen, integrated with Apple CarPlay, and a more luxurious, modern-feel.

DB12 Interior

This car is evidence of Aston Martin’s significant investment into ensuring the interior of its new cars wows just as much as the exterior design. In true Aston Martin fashion, the classical character is not all lost, with tactile buttons incorporated amongst the touchscreen. The DB12 features the perfect hybrid of an analogue and digital cockpit.

3. An Engine So Sharp and Powerful

This car is no mere GT, this is a Super Tourer. To emphasise the new Aston Martin DB12’s road presence, its brand new 4.0-litre V8 twin turbo makes no exception in power and brilliance, with a top speed of 202 mph, delivered by 670 hp in comparison to the DB11’s V8 528hp.

Aston Martin DB12 GT

This Super Tourer also provides exhilarating acceleration of 0-60 mph in just 3.5 seconds, making it very competitive within its class.

4. The Ultimate, Thrilling Drive

Aston Martin’s major focus on performance driving and engagement makes the DB12 a much more appealing and enticing car. Whether that be through its interior, exterior, or under the bonnet. Its upgrade of five drive modes works towards tighter control and a thrilling drive.

Aston Martin New DB12

It also has a more agile and sporty feel as a Super Tourer, with the adapted stiffer chassis adding more response to the steering. Alongside this, the DB12 features an Electronic Rear Differential, and is the first DB car to be offered with carbon ceramic brakes. The Aston Martin DB12 is perfect for those who want the ultimate combination of classic GT comfort with the ability to entertain when pushing on.

5. Glowing Reviews

Auto Express presents a glowing review from their first press drive in the New Aston Martin DB12.

Its steering, chassis, engine response, brake feel and diff behaviour all have a new-found sense of polish and focus that, when taken as a whole, make the car feel sharper.

Auto Express conveys the new DB12’s magnificence with its elated description of the car, ultimately stating that the DB12 is “a steal” with its “effortless” and “breathtakingly fast” drive. 

To hear more insider information, and to see the DB12 in action, take a look at AutoExpress New Aston Martin DB12 2023 review.

With our demonstrator expected to arrive imminently, make sure you register your interest now to be one of the first to test drive the new Aston Martin DB12, from August 2023. To read more about the DB12, please click here. Alternatively, check out Aston Martin Bristol’s DB11 Timeless collection.

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