Top 5 winter accessories for your Aston Martin

Posted 19th December 2023

Top 5 winter accessories for your Aston Martin

With the chilly months upon us, it is an essential time to look after and protect your Aston Martin this winter. Here at Aston Martin Bristol, we have compiled some of our top accessories to help you keep your Aston Martin in perfect condition throughout the cold weather.

1. Aston Martin Indoor Car Covers

Preserve your Aston Martin with an Aston Martin indoor car cover. Why do I need a car cover if my car is indoors? Within these winter months, you may be more inclined to keep your Aston Martin in your garage or under cover.

Aston Martin Cover
Despite being under shelter, your vehicle is still at risk of rust, scratches and corrosion if exposed to any of the elements. An Aston Martin indoor car cover will help fend off these threats as it prevents moisture from getting to the paintwork, as well as dust, with its fleece lining.

2. Aston Martin Outdoor Car Covers

Battle against the elements with an Aston Martin outdoor car cover. Wintery months often bring heavy snow and ice, which is potentially damaging to your Aston Martin.

This premium car cover can provide your vehicle with a protective layer, ensuring that your Aston Martin is kept in premium condition. Not to mention that you will no longer need to scrape the snow and ice off in the morning, simply lift the car cover off. This means that you will no longer be risking scratching your Aston Martin with the scraper, as well as ensuring you are not losing valuable time in the morning. 

3. Clean and Care Kit

It is vital that you keep your Aston Martin well-maintained throughout the winter months. Look after and care for your Aston Martin with the utmost quality with the Aston Martin clean and care kit.

AM Wash Kit

Included in this fantastic kit is a collection of 14 high-quality detailing products: shampoo, pre-wax oil, wax, dressing, sealant, leather cleaner and microfibre cloths. To make this kit even more special, these essential items can be found within an Aston Martin-branded carry case. 

4. Aston Martin winter tyres

With temperatures dropping, it is important to remember that the roads are becoming more and more icy. With this in mind, Aston Martin winter tyres can be a crucial addition to your vehicle as regular tyres do not adjust to the cold weather in quite the same way. Winter tyres grip the road more efficiently, as well as having the ability to adapt to the climate. Overall improving both traction and handling.

5. Dog accessories

Are you dreading the wet and muddy walks with your pet, knowing that those paws will leave prints all over your Aston Martin? Aston Martin Pet Accessories have you covered, literally. Create a mess and stress free environment with an Aston Martin rear seat cover, rear bumper protector and pet partition.

Aston Martin DBX Pets

Exclusively designed to fit the Aston Martin DBX, these accessories ensure your luxurious SUV is protected, without losing the deluxe feel of your Aston Martin. 

Read more about Aston Martin Pet Accessories here.

Winter Car Checks with Aston Martin Bristol

Whatever the weather, Aston Martin Bristol has you covered, ensuring that your vehicle is maintained to the best possible standards. Book your winter appointment today to ensure that your vehicle is prepped for these colder months with our top-class facilities and expert, approved technicians. 

To discover more on any of the items we have mentioned, or to book a winter health check, speak to our friendly team today.

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