Top ten features of the Zagato Shooting Brake

Posted 22nd May 2019

Aston Martin Zagato Shooting Brake

Above and beyond the realms of design

Zagato, an Italian name synonymous with the motor industry for creating cars that are above and beyond the realms of design.

They don’t need to be fast, they don't need to be practical, they are designed to make you breathless with their beauty, that's the Zagato way. Thankfully, the Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Shooting Brake is all of those things, featuring a 6.0 litre V12 with 580 horsepower and room in the rear for plenty of luggage, the Shooting Brake really is the complete package.

When car manufactures want something truly special, they turn to Zagato. So here are 10 of the best features on the stunning Vanquish Shooting Brake.


The history of the term Shooting Brake goes back further in time than even the birth of Aston Martin itself.

Shooting-Brake is now a word used to describe a body design of a car similar to an estate. The routes stretch back as far as the late 1800's when carriages were used to carry hunting equipment.

With no rear seats, but plenty of luggage space combined with its stunning elongated roof, the modern day Aston Martin Zagato Shooting Brake makes those long drives to the South of France an enjoyable and relaxing ride. Without the need to sacrifice your wardrobe options!

Zagato Shooting Brake Side Scuttle Cropped


Zagato Shooting Rear Brake Lights Cropped

​One of the most eye-catching parts of an already breath-taking car, the rear light cluster is an iconic work of art.

Unlike anything else on the road, the LED blades look almost as though they are floating, and seemlessly blend into the sculpted bodywork.


Lightweight hand-rolled aluminum and carbon fibre panels clothe the body of the Zagato Shooting Brake, leading to some beautiful and functional body accents.

Taking over 2000 hours to craft, this, just like many other Aston Martins represent the most dedicated application for engineering and cutting-edge design.

Zagato Shooting Brake Front Cropped


Zagato Shooting Brake Aston Martin Badge Cropped

From a collaboration that stretches back over five decades, Zagato and Aston Martin have made their creations unique in every way, even down to the iconic Aston Martin Wings.

The now famous ‘Red Wings’ are only found on Zagato models, and are produced by UK company Vaughtons, who have been hand producing emblems for the automotive industry for a centenary this year.


This particular Zagato Shooting Brake is finished in ‘Q’ Commissioned Buckinghamshire Green, which ties in perfectly with the heritage of the Shooting Brake name. Many famous British manufacturers who produced this unusual body shape in the 1960s and 70s opted a shade of British Green.

Whilst all Aston Martin models are painted to absolute perfection, the Q collection takes the richness and depth of paint to another level, with sparkle and shine, this paint sets off the car superbly.

Zagato Shooting Brake Cropped (1)


Zagato Shooting Brake's x3 Cropped (2)

Choosing a colour for any new car can be hard enough, but with Aston Martin’s colour palette, the possibilities are endless. On-top of that, with Aston Martin’s ‘Q’ division, customers are given the ability to choose from over 10,000 colour combinations for the Shooting Brake.

There is also the ability to specify the ‘Villa D’Este’ pack, which coincides with the launch colour combination, which adds breath taking gold accents to the exterior with Black and Gold Duotone wheels.


Thankfully, the Zagato Shooting Brake is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside. The intense smell of Cathiness Leather engulfs the cockpit with seats that provide the perfect balance of comfort and support.

You won’t forget you’re driving a Zagato either, the cabin is decorated with hundreds of ‘Z’ logos that have been individually hand stitched into the seats and door cards, giving both driver and passenger the feeling of sitting in a true piece of art.

Zagato Shooting Brake Interior Front Seats Cropped


Zagato Shooting Brake Interior Centre Piece Cropped

Now an instantly recognisable part of any Aston Martin, the Facia Trim and ‘Waterfall’ is incredibly eye-catching in this Shooting Brake.

Finished in Full Length Graduated Bronze and Carbon Fibre, the eye is drawn from the golden top of the trim, flowing down to the elegance and functionality of the gold tipped glass switches and iconic ignition port.


Let it be said, the Zagato Shooting Brake is not all beauty. The beast inside is a 6.0 Naturally Aspirated V12, producing a staggering 580 horsepower and a 0-62mph time of just 3.5 seconds.

This performance, matched with its unique suspension setup, creates a unique driving experience to stir the senses.

Aston Martin Zagato Engine


In short, the Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Shooting Brake truly is unlike anything else on the road today.

It is expression and art in its truest form, taking the radical ideas and drawings of one of Italy’s finest design houses, and combining it with a true British Icon. Enabling the entire Vanquish Zagato model range to go down in history as some of the most beautiful cars ever created.

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