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All There Is To Know About The Aston Martin DBX

Aston Martin DBX

The impending arrival of the Aston Martin DBX – the luxury marque’s groundbreaking new SUV -  is causing even more of a stir than the launch of a new sports model.

A major departure from the norm (not that there’s anything normal about Aston Martin) this all-purpose SUV heralds a new and exciting direction for this prestigious brand. Bringing Aston Martin right up to date, injecting new momentum in to the name and broadening its appeal.

Who the will Aston Martin DBX appeal to?

The new Aston Martin SUV is designed to sit in the luxury crossover market and charm both men and women on the look out for an all-purpose vehicle that breaks the SUV mould.

Blending impressive multi-terrain and towing capabilities with sleek lines and classic poise will also tempt Aston Martin's traditional admirers.

Aston Martin DBX Front

The new Aston Martin SUV comes with a superb spec

This new Aston Martin SUV is a high-performance vehicle with a practical, elegant shape. We’ve been lucky enough to catch a demonstration of a pre-production model in its camo-wrap disguise. We were definitely impressed, especially when we detected clear hints of the latest Aston Martin Vantage from the front.

Following on from the original 2015 Concept, the five-door (for max capacity and practicality) DBX will have a bespoke platform and suspension set-up. Plus Aston Martin’s signature shoulder hunches, elegant lines and stylish details.
Off-road adventurers will appreciate its cutting-edge SUV functionality, streamlined dashboard and touch-perfect controls. The latest technological advances evident in its auto-dimming smart glass, rear-view cameras, and power-enhancing solar chargers.

Aston Martin DBX Rear

What about performance?

The DBX will combine fabulous looks with powerful performance as only an Aston Martin SUV can.

Powered by the twin-turbocharged V8 already in the DB11 V8 and Vantage sports cars, which produces 503bhp and that visceral, uniquely Aston Martin roar.

Testing taken to extremes

The DBX is the first Aston Martin to go through an extraordinary new test programme, checking its performance across environments from Middle Eastern deserts to the merciless 'Green Hell' at Nürburgring.

It has also undergone extreme weather testing in Sweden to ensure its abilities in low-grip conditions. The Aston Martin DBX won’t just look stunning, it will meet the demands of sports car drivers and SUV drivers alike.

A clean future for the Aston Martin family

If the imminent launch of the first practical sports utility vehicle built by Aston Martin wasn’t enough to be excited about, the marque is also cleaning up its act.

It is already starting to electrify the whole Aston Martin range, and expects to offer every model as either a hybrid or pure electric car by 2025. The new Aston Martin DBX may be the first.

Aston Martin DBX Rear Close Up

Aston Martin DBX Rear x2

How much will the Aston Martin DBX cost?

If we could tell you the price of the Aston Martin DBX we would, but it’s yet to be announced.

To stay in the know, register your interest today and we’ll keep you informed on all the latest DBX developments including the price and when pre-orders are being taken.

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