The Aston Martin DB11 receives 5 star ratings from both Autocar & Auto Express Magazine.

"To call the DB11 brilliant is an understatement."

Derek McNaughton, The National Post

“The DB11 is the most important car in Aston Martin’s history.” Aston’s CEO Andy Palmer says.

In the early hours of this morning, the world media published their first reviews of the new Aston Martin DB11. The bold new figurehead of the illustrious ‘DB’ bloodline and an authentic, dynamic sporting GT in the finest Aston Martin tradition.

With both Autocar and Auto Express Magazine giving the DB11 5 Star ratings the reviews seem to embody the complete idealisation of the DB11 itself.

Autocar (5 Stars)

“The Aston Martin DB11 spearheads a completely new model range explosion by Aston. And it's brilliant.”

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Auto Express (5 Stars)

“Even on this initial showing the new DB11 is clearly the best Aston Martin in decades.”

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“The air of confidence in the Aston Martin team is well-placed too. This is a big enough break from the past to answer criticisms of being forever tied to the DB9 and its VH derivatives, both technically and stylistically. But it's faithful enough to the look and feel of those cars not to scare off existing fans. That's a tricky path to navigate but one the DB11 manages with considerable swagger. Grown up and mature but with just enough of the machismo and caddish Aston Martin attitude to keep things interesting, the brand's 'Second Century' plans look to have solid foundations. Jolly good show chaps.”

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Robb Report

"This car represents a quantum leap for Aston Martin."

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The Globe & Mail

"In the DB11, there’s nothing to forgive. It sets the right tone for Aston Martin, a template from which all other models can stray, but never too far. It’s not the fastest red Ferrari or the snazziest yellow Lamborghini or the biggest Bentley; it’s something else. It’s the most beautiful, the one with the best mix of handling and comfort; it’s cricket. It’s an Aston Martin, finally. No sweat, Andy. You’ve got this."

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Car Throttle

“That’s all down to the way the DB11 makes you feel. It has character. It’s utterly lovable, and whatever you do, it’ll get under your skin. Sounds like a proper Aston Martin to me.”

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The National Post

"The best drive of my career. As unique as it is beautiful… to call the DB11 brilliant is an understatement."

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