How the DB11 V8 compares to the DB11 V12

Posted 8th September 2018

V8 or V12? That is often the question on the lips of Aston Martin Bristol’s DB11 customers. Does the extra horsepower of the V12 really make a difference? Or is the V8 the vehicle of choice for those who haven’t set their hearts on a Grand tourer?

Comparing the DB11 V8 and V12 Specs

Externally, you need to look closely to spot the difference between the two. They look almost identical - the V12 has four vents on the bonnet, compared with the V8’s two.

They both share the same chassis and suspension, the same steel disc brakes and 20-inch, 10-spoke diamond wheels.

There’s also the same eight-speed automatic gearbox, sculpted front and chiseled torso. Although the V8 cars get black headlight bezels and smoked-style rear lights.

But it’s underneath the bonnet where the differences are noticeable, starting with the obvious loss of four cylinders.

DB11 V8 and V12 Horsepower

The 5.2 litres DB11 V12 delivers a heart-stopping 600 horsepower, compared to the twin-turbocharged 4.0 litres DB11 V8’s equally exhilarating 503. Not a huge difference and the 0-60 times are also pretty close with the V12 engine covering the ground in 3.9 seconds, just 0.1 seconds faster than the V8.

Top speeds are also within a hair’s breadth of each other at 200 mph and 187 mph respectively.

But losing four cylinders has made the V8 lighter and some drivers argue a little more nimble than it’s big V12 brother.

Weight Difference of DB11 V8 and V12

The V8 is 250lbs lighter than the V12 and in supercar terms that is fairly significant. The V8 also has slightly more its weight at the rear making it feel a little more sportier than its stablemate.

But the V12 is by no means a cumbersome heavyweight. It’s designed to be powerful, ultra-responsive and just as light on its feet as it’s smaller sibling when it’s out on the open road.

It’s quicker off the mark than the V8 and quite simply commands respect. For long-distance driving little can beat it.

DB11 V8 and V12 Price

If you’re looking for a New Aston Martin DB11 for sale, the DB11 V12 is, slightly more expensive than the V8.

The V8 starts at £144,900 with V12 coming in at £157,900 before you start looking through the vast extras to tailor your Aston Martin.

At the end of the day it’s all down to personal choice. The V12 will always be the ultimate in performance for the Aston Martin enthusiast. Fewer are produced and the engine sound is truly unique.

The V8 is lighter and while it boasts the same handling capabilities as its big brother, it’s slightly more nimble in the bends as a nod to its sportier rather than grand tourer heritage.

We’ll just leave these here:

Still can’t decide between the DB11 V8 or V12?

The only real way to appreciate the difference between the two is to take a test drive at Aston Martin Bristol and see which one you prefer.

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