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The DBX Is The SUV That Does It All, Aston Martin Style.


The new Aston Martin DBX is amazingly versatile and adaptable. A first for the brand, it’s the SUV that gives you luxury, comfort, performance and takes all the challenges you throw at it in its stride.

Designed with tremendous care, the Aston Martin SUV is aimed at the driver who values practicality as much as style and speed. Who wants a car to shine on the school run as well as the ski run. One that can handle the kids, the dog, even a horsebox, with ease.

Here are five great reasons reasons why the Aston Martin DBX could glide elegantly into your life and make you wonder how you ever got by without it.

1. The ultimate crowd pleaser 

Whether your routine involves the school run, long journeys for work or your vehicle is needed for your job. the DBX SUV has all the comfort, space and capability you need.

Your passengers – front or back – will love the roomy, luxurious cabin while you settle into the amply supportive driver's seat.

Aston Martin DBX Interior

The kids will definitely approve too. Aston Martin invited youngsters to get involved in the design process, and they gave some pretty forthright opinions of the 'ergonomic assessment model'. The outcome? Rear seats that are welcoming, spacious and very tough.

Refreshingly, Aston Martin also sought the opinion of women to get a fresh perspective on the interior of the DBX. Hence a driving position that works for anyone from 5ft to 6ft 4 inches tall, an intuitively arranged control layout and a practical storage well within easy reach for the driver.

2. The all-round performer of your driveway duo

The DBX has all the detail, elegance, and British style of an Aston Martin, but its SUV practicality makes it ideal as the main car in your household. Doing all the lifting and shifting while you keep a sporty something on the side perhaps? Imagine how impressive the DBX will look on your driveway. Now imagine how it would look flanked by an Aston Martin Vantage or DB11

DBX Driveway

With a 542bhp, twin-turbo, 4.0-litre V8 Mercedes-AMG engine under the bonnet, the start-up sound alone will leave the neighbours in no doubt about the iconic badge on your SUV. Don’t worry though. If you’d prefer to be a little more understated, you can activate the quiet-start mode to close the exhaust valves.

3. Off-road capability with Aston Martin finesse

Off-road driving in the DBX SUV is every bit as thrilling as on-road driving in a trademark Aston Martin sports car. The DBX’s five driving modes span maximum off-road ability in Terrain Plus, through Terrain, GT, Sport and Sport Plus.

DBX Off road 1

Featuring Aston Martin's first ever hill descent control, adjustable anti-roll control and all-wheel drive as standard, the DBX is even high enough to cope with water up to half a metre deep. You can also adjust the ride height by up to 75mm while moving.

4. Geared up and ready for adventure

Built for escapes and designed to enjoy the journey, the Aston Martin SUV has plenty of legroom, a full-length panoramic glass roof and expansive windows.  

There's more than enough boot space to carry everything you need for an adventure -  632 litres (22.3 cubic ft) with the split rear seats up and over 1,500 litres (54.0 cu ft) with them down. So, you can pack the DBX to the gunnels with everything you need for an adventure. Like the bikes, boards, barbecue, luggage, Labradors and the little ones.

Aston Martin Luggage

You can equip your DBX perfectly for your favourite pursuits. Choose from a seemingly endless selection of Aston Martin accessories including luggage that fits the boot perfectly, a snow pack with envy-inducing ski boot warmers, event seating, a picnic set and even a dog shower.

5. Pulling power when you need it

This is the off-road Aston Martin with the luxury and comfort of a saloon, the driving excitement of a sports car and the pulling power of an SUV.

The DBX is capable of towing up to 2.7 tonnes, having earned its stars in development tests by successfully hauling a trailer with a DB6 on board. So just attach your horsebox, caravan or trailer and away you go.

Pulling Power DBX

The DBX is also ideal for towing a boat trailer, as you can reverse it into the water for easy launching.

Register your interest in the all-new Aston Martin DBX SUV now

The DBX manages to be a pure Aston Martin that breaks the Aston Martin mold. Register your interest now with the team at Aston Martin Bristol, so we can let you know as soon as the DBX is available to test drive.

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For more information, please contact Aston Martin Bristol:

Aston Martin Bristol - 01173 216 704

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