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DBS Concorde Edition - The Story So Far

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The DBS Superleggera Concorde Edition was commissioned by Aston Martin Bristol to commemorate the ten British Airways Concorde aircraft, alongside celebrating the very best of British engineering. With only ten of these vehicles to ever be built, the journey to ownership of this car is an extra special one.

Revealed to the world on the 24th of November 2019, a date synonymous with the final flight of Concorde itself. These very unique DBS models are in the process of being handcrafted at Aston Martin’s Gaydon factory.

The lucky owners will take the first glimpse of their one-of-a-kind DBS Concorde Edition’s in late 2020 - the story so far has been one of meticulous precision and intricate details.

An Iconic Silhouette

The Concorde silhouette on the gloss black Carbon Fibre roof is one of the highlights of the Aston Martin DBS Concorde Edition. With subtle nods to this iconic aircraft silhouette featured across the exterior of the DBS it is a hugely recognisable feature steeped in British heritage and symbolic of British design.

IMG 7290

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Now complete and ready to be fitted to the car when the time comes, the creation and development of this inimitable roof design was a sophisticated and timely process.

Unique Details

The side strakes are a key feature of the DBS Superleggera’s glorious design. The Concorde Edition DBS features bespoke Concorde side strakes milled from solid aluminium, which also bear the iconic Concorde silhouette.

IMG 6142


IMG 6143

Commissioned through Aston Martins Bespoke ‘Q’ design service these side strakes will be fitted to a Carbon Fibre surround, showcasing the elegance and luxury of Concorde.

Interior Development

The interior of the DBS Concorde is starting to take shape. The now finished headlining has been upgraded from Alcantara to a full leather, providing the feel of decodance you would find onboard Concorde herself.

You will also see a scale model of a gear shift paddle. This component is in the first prototype phase and will be used to ensure that the final design releases are feasible and undergo finish testing.

Interior Roof

Interior Design


Exclusive Paintwork

We have now begun painting elements of the DBS Concorde Edition in the patriotic red, white and blue. These colours will feature across the front splitter, side cantrails as well as the rear aeroblade and diffuser.

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Bespoke Exhaust Tips

The custom Concorde exhaust tips made exclusively via Aston Martin Bristol are set to be an exciting aftermarket addition. The bespoke design has been created to pay homage to the incredible exhausts needed for the plane's impressive four engines. The prototype set is currently fitted to our DBS demonstrator and undergoing testing before full production of the cars themselves.

IMG 2700

The DBS Superleggera Concorde Edition has over 30 bespoke ‘Q’ features that will come to life over the coming months the bespoke luggage set as well as the Axminster Carpet to name a few. Much like Concorde itself, the design and build process of these cars show the artistic talent and unbelievable craft that lies within British Manufacturing. Flying on Concorde was a trip of a lifetime and these cars are set to be the vehicle of a lifetime.

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