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DB11 Dream Big

DB11 Dream Big

The Aston Martin DB11 at Aston Martin Bristol

When elegance meets power, beautiful things happen. In the Aston Martin DB11 you can enjoy the most delicate balance of both worlds. The new Aston Martin DB11 is poised for action but, even at speed, it remains graceful.

Three defining features encapsulate the look and character of the DB11. A front radiator grille with dramatic stripes signals its immense power. A sculpted bonnet,reminiscent of a clamshell, frames the grille with a sophisticated edge. A sloping roofline gently inclines from the arch of the windscreen down to the boot completing its streamlined shape. You can draw a straight line from the front of the bonnet through to the top of the boot creating faultless proportional balance. Sleek 20-inch silver diamond-turned wheels create a refined finish.

Crafted using natural materials in a striking choice of colours, you can design the interior of the DB11 to meet your personal tastes. Utilising more of the interior space, this latest DB model has an additional 10mm of headroom in the front, 54mm in the rear and 87mm more legroom than before. Along with enough luggage space for two golf bags, you and three passengers can travel in absolute luxury.

Aston Martin’s most powerful DB yet, the DB11 V12 has a twin-turbocharged 5.2-litre engine. It also has a lighter DB11 V8 stablemate. While the V8 boasts the same handling capabilities as its big brother, it’s slightly more nimble in the bends as a nod to its sportier rather than grand tourer heritage.

Providing a colossal 600bhp and 700Nm of torque, the DB11 V12 has a deep snarl that continues to reverberate as the rev counter rises. Advanced front and rear suspension with coil, anti-roll bar and adaptive damper engineering make the DB11 V12 and DB11 V8 a beautifully smooth drive on rough terrain. At speed, a deployable spoiler with Aeroblade™ technology swallows and vents the air for a swift, clear drive. The DB11 also features Torque Vectoring, giving you greater control over the wheels for an enhanced experience.

DB11 Dream Big
DB11 Dream Big
DB11 Dream Big

The DB11 Volante 

As well as the DB11 V12 and DB11 V8, the DB11 stable also includes the timelessly elegant drop-top DB11 Volante. Available with a V8 engine, the Volante is in a class of its own and benefits from all the fine detail and exquisite craftsmanship you would expect from Aston Martin.

It takes just 16 seconds for the eight layers of fabric in the roof to lower even if you’re driving at 30 mph and an even sleeker 14 seconds to raise. The fabric layers also mean great sound-proofing with the roof up and an excellent opportunity to fully appreciate the magnificent sound of the V8 engine with the top down.

The Aston Martin DB11 Volante is only available as a V8, meaning it’s confident and quick through the bends. It has a top speed of 187 mph and hits 0-60 in 4.1 seconds. A deployable spoiler keeps the rear planted and the driver firmly in control at all times.

As well as the full-grain leather interior, electrically-operated front seats, a heated steering wheel, automatic dual-zone climate control and full satellite navigation system with smartphone connectivity also comes as standard.

The exterior benefits from standard-fit 20-inch alloy wheels, LED lights at front and rear and a front grille finished in polished aluminum. Prices for this classy convertible start from £159,000

As with the Coupe versions, there are three different drive modes to choose from for both the drivetrain and the chassis, so in theory six different modes in all; Normal, Sport and Sport+ for each (chassis and drivetrain).

To find out more about the DB11 model range call into Aston Martin Bristol.

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