Aston Martin pet accessories for your best friend

Posted 18th August 2023

Elevate your dog’s lifestyle with the finest pet accessories that Aston Martin Bristol have to offer. From accessories that fit into your DBX, to premium quality pet beds, ensure you and your Aston Martin DBX are well-equipped with our range of Aston Martin Pet Accessories.

1. Travel in style with the Aston Martin DBX Pet Partition

Exclusive to the Aston Martin DBX, the Aston Martin partition ensures your muddy friend is safely separated from your passenger seats and luggage compartment. Not to mention that your partition does not hold back on style as it upholds the luxurious character of your Aston Martin DBX.

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Aston Martin’s Pet Accessory Pack

2. Be organised with Aston Martin’s Pet Accessory Pack

Equip yourself with the Aston Martin Pet Accessory Pack. Including a pet bag, holder, lead and dog bowl, this pack brings luxury to your dog’s everyday necessities. With varying styles in Kestrel Tan or Onyx Black, the Aston Martin pet bag and holder is perfect for you to carry all of your furry friend’s essentials. Whatever you need, the Aston Martin Pet Accessory Pack has you covered.

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3. Ensure your pet sleeps in style with the Aston Martin Pet bed

‘Pawfectly’ designed to complement your Aston Martin DBX and your home, the Aston Martin Pet bed ensures your pet has the best sleep. It will effortlessly blend into your premium aesthetic with its lambswool lining, leather combing, and the option of a Kestrel Tan or Onyx Black finish. It is true Aston Martin fashion - and also features its own set of wings.

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Aston Martin rear bumper protector

4. Protecting your car and clothing with the Aston Martin rear bumper protector

To protect you and your Aston Martin DBX, the rear bumper protector will be your saviour from scuffs and scratches from your dog jumping in and out of your vehicle. Not only this, but the bumper protector ensures your clothes will be protected, when loading or unloading the boot, from any dirt collected.

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5. Stress and mess free seats with the Aston Martin Rear seat cover

This high quality and durable rear seat cover is the perfect solution for keeping your Aston Martin DBX clean and free from any muddy pets. Its water resistant properties ensure it is machine washable, making it stress-free and perfect for your Aston Martin DBX.

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Aston Martin Pet Accessories

Indulge in our Aston Martin Pet Accessories. There is no doubt that your pet will travel in style and comfort, simultaneously making sure your Aston Martin DBX is well looked after and protected. If you are interested in any of the features that elevate your Aston Martin and want to find out more, click below to enquire about our Aston Martin Pet Accessories.

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