Fun for all the family - Amy Williams MBE puts the DBX to the test as the ultimate SUV

Posted 13th October 2020

Aston Martin DBX Amy Williams MBE

Launched earlier this year Aston Martin welcomed their very first SUV the all-new DBX. The DBX has been designed with the whole family in mind, whilst still maintaining that Aston Martin luxury we know and love.

With the help of Olympian and Mother Amy Williams MBE we wanted to put this car to the test as the ultimate in luxury family cars. Amy is a busy working mum with two lovely boys to keep entertained. Therefore the DBX seemed a perfect fit for her family and lifestyle. After a week living with this high end 4x4 we had a couple of questions for Amy to see just how her Aston Martin experience sufficed.

For someone reading this, who has never driven an Aston Martin before, what makes it so special?

When you sit behind the steering wheel of an Aston, you are aware of an almost magical feeling. For me that is very much to do with the history of the cars themselves, what they look like, the sounds they make, and knowing how well they will and can perform.

We hear you are an avid James Bond Fan (so are we), which is your favourite of  the films and why?

Yes I love Bond films, the action, mystery, romance and of course the cars! Which is where my love of the Aston Martin first started. Golden Eye is certainly one that I remember well with Pierce Brosnan, the mystery of a man in a well fitted suit!!

I remember being upset when Daniel Craig became Bond in Casino Royale and it took me a while to get used to him, however in Skyfall he completely won me over! Then of course when it comes to cars it was Die Another Day and that V12 Vanquish that got me hooked!!

We know you are a busy working Mum of two lovely boys, how did you find the back cabin space for the children, was it easy to get them in and out and make them feel comfortable?

I’m used to driving a big car, and so I am pretty sceptical when it comes to other car sizes, space for buggies, car seats, shopping and all the stuff you seem to carry around with you with little children.

Amy Williams MBE Children

Amy Williams MBE Children 2

However I was so impressed with the space in the DBX. Both my husband and I are tall people, he’s 6ft4” and he can easily use tons of leg space yet the boys still had loads of room for their legs and car seats in the back. You could even still fit another slim person in the middle back seat too which is pretty rare! The boot was big and had plenty of room for the buggy and a large food shop!

The DBX is a large spacious SUV and parking in busy cities can often be tricky. Was this an issue for you in the DBX and did it have any useful functions that helped?

Parking was no problem, maybe because I’m used to getting into little spaces! However with all the cameras and sensors that help and guide you as well as a large video display showing you a 360 degree view around the car, you really can't go wrong.

What was your favourite feature?

I have to say the huge glass sunroof, the boys loved it; they called it their TV. It let in so much light, and was super fun for them to watch the trees and rain as we drove. The car itself drives so well, you don’t feel like you are in a big car at all.

Ensuring your children are safe and comfortable when travelling in a vehicle is important for every parent. Did you feel the DBX had sufficient child safety features and ISOFIX points?

It was so easy and simple to click the isofix seats in. It can be such a faff trying to get childrens seats into cars, but all you had to do was remove a very smart cover at the base of the seat and straight in front of you were the isofix points. It took only a matter of minutes to get them in, which was perfect as I am on the go a lot.

You had a short overnight stay near Bath whilst using the DBX. Travelling with a family can involve a lot of luggage. How was the boot space, were you able to fit everything including your pram?

The boot is super long, at one point Oscar my older child even hid in it, and I think we all could have crawled in and hidden away if we had tried! We had no problem fitting in a buggy as well as our weekend bags. There’s even a smart cover to hide everything too which is a great addition!

Amy Williams Tests The DBX

The DBX is the first SUV in the Aston Martin Family, so rather different than the typical Aston Martin Sports car. Did you still feel like you were driving a luxury Aston Martin?

It felt like a very special car to drive. The noise when you started the engine, that beautiful purring growl, both put a smile on my face each time! The comfort of the seats and the whole design and style of the car felt very high end and luxurious. 

If you could pack the family and DBX up and head off on a British Staycation, where would you go?

We love being around the coast, and normally head to somewhere in Devon or Cornwall. However even closer to home, around the Cotswolds is beautiful for a weekend trip for some family time walking and going on adventures, who knows, maybe even a bit of off-roading...

Finally, can you describe the DBX in three words?

Oh help! Stylish, Spacious, Sexy!!

Sure enough, the all-new DBX has certainly proved itself as fun for all the family as well as the ultimate in practicality and style. If you are looking for a luxury SUV then look no further. The Aston Martin DBX is available to test drive now at Aston Martin Bristol and rest assured, there is even room for the family dog!

Test Drive The DBXEnquire Now

We also asked Amy to spec her dream DBX whilst she was with us. Check out the below video to see what she chose and the specification you will now see on our next demonstrator!

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