New Aston Martin Vantage For Sale

New Aston Martin Vantage For Sale

Aston Martin Vantage

Designed for real driving enthusiasts

The Vantage name has been synonymous with performance since the 1950s and the new Aston Martin Vantage takes this to a whole new level. This is a true blooded sports car with racing genes running through its DNA.

The all-new Aston Martin Vantage is raw and instinctive, and as purposeful and striking as it was when the model was first launched all those decades ago. This next generation of Vantage features an all-new striking aesthetic designed to communicate its athletic, high-performance character. The most noticeable feature is the enlarged front grille, this is a completely functional design change as the 38% increase in surface area is necessary to aid cooling of the new and improved V8 Twin Turbo Engine.

The powerful 4.0 litre engine produces 665PS and 800Nm of torque, this is 155PS more than the previous Vantage generation - a noticeably massive increase in power. Therefore the body width of the Vantage has increased by 30mm along with a proportional increase in track width, to ensure dynamic stability at all speeds, as well as providing greater road presence.

The traditional side strakes return to the Vantage to convey the timeless Aston Martin design. Whilst the redesigned front bumper also features a new front splitter to reduce lift and improve airflow, as well stylish new brake cooling ducts that improve both performance and aesthetics.

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0-60mph in 3.4 seconds

665 PS

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Aston Martin Vantage finance deals

Aston Martin Vantage deals

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Aston Martin Vantage

The Aston Martin Vantage is a true driver’s car. With an incredible soundtrack, top speed of 202 mph, and rear-wheel drive, thrills are guaranteed.

Race track, winding country road or the everyday commute, the new Aston Martin Vantage is an outstanding high-performance sports car built to excel in a multitude of environments. The cockpit has been redesigned to create both an instinctive and functional driving experience. A low seating position and ultra-modern centre console create a sporty, dynamic driving feel.

The combination of the touchscreen display and analogue switches provides the perfect balance of tactility to convey Aston Martin’s principles of purity and beautiful proportion. The illuminated glass start/stop button sits perfectly placed in the centre of the console, catching the eye for an engaging starting procedure. 

The new central gear lever allows for seamless changes between Drive, Neutral and Reverse for a smooth driving experience, while a separate manual button can be used to switch to a more dynamic driving experience by making use of the steering wheel-mounted gear paddles.

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Aston Martin Vantage

Five Driving Modes

The Aston Martin Vantage features five driving modes; Sport, Sport+, Track, Wet and Individual which alter the car’s combination of chassis, steering, engine and exhaust settings as well as controlling the interior ambient lighting through mode-specific colours.

The different modes can be selected using a tactile metal rotary dial surrounding the engine start/stop button. This easy accessibility reinforces the dynamic driving nature of the all-new Vantage.

2024 Aston Martin Vantage

Aston Martin Vantage

Infotainment System

Aston Martin's Infotainment System is the control centre for your Aston Martin Vantage. It seamlessly integrates audio, hands-free telephony, and vehicle status technologies at the heart of your cabin. It also now features Apple Carplay for an integrated hands free smartphone experience.

The new 10.25” central display screen is the centre point of the improved infotainment system; various navigation, media and comfort systems can be controlled from the touchscreen. The optional Bowers & Wilkins surround sound audio system ensures the highest level of audio enjoyment with 15 speakers and 1,170w of immersive sound quality.

2024 Aston Martin Vantage

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