A factory fresh 968 Club Sport.

Model: 968 Club Sport
Registered: 1997
Mileage: 43,260 miles
Exterior Colour: Speed Yellow
Interior Colour: Black
Transmission: Manual
Location: Porsche Centre Cardiff
Price: £59,990

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Scroll down to discover the history of this iconic Porsche model, and what makes our particular example so special.

About the 968 Club Sport.

Produced from 1992 to 1995 the Porsche 968 was the final evolution of a line of water-cooled front-engined rear wheel drive models that began almost 20 years earlier with the 924. The 968 was Porsche's last new front-engined vehicle before the introduction of the Cayenne SUV in 2003.

From 1993 through 1995, Porsche offered a lighter-weight "Club Sport" version of the 968 designed for enthusiasts seeking increased track performance. Much of the 968's luxury-oriented equipment was removed or taken off the options list; less sound deadening material was used, electrical windows were replaced with crank-driven units but upgraded stereo systems, A/C and sunroof were still optional as on the standard Coupe and Convertible models.

Porsche also installed manually adjustable lightweight Recaro racing seats rather than the standard power-operated leather buckets. Handling was optimised by a revised suspension system and a 20 mm lower ride height for possible track use. 17-inch wheels (also slightly wider to accommodate wider tires) were added in place of the 16-inch as found on the Coupe.

Club Sports were only available in Grand Prix White, Black, Speed Yellow, Guards Red, Riviera Blue or Maritime Blue. Seat backs were colour-coded to the body. Club Sport decals were standard in either black, red or white but there was a 'delete' option. All Club Sports had black interiors with 944 S2 door cards.

The Club Sport variant achieved a 'Performance Car Of The Year' award in 1993 from Performance Car magazine in the UK. The declared weight of the 968 CS is 1320 kg, 100 kg lighter than the regular 968. Acceleration from standstill to 62 mph is 6.3 seconds and the top speed is 160 mph.

Our 968 Club Sport, a factory fresh restoration.

In 2015 Porsche announced their restoration competition for all of our UK Centres called '40 Years at the Front' The Classic Transaxle Restoration Programme.

Porsche Centre Cardiff entered the competition but needed to find a doner vehicle, having searched far and wide for a Speed Yellow car with good pedigree and a full service history, we tracked down a vehicle owned by Mr Byrom from Manchester, a Porsche Centre Cardiff customer.

The Restoration.

The car was a solid example when it arrived at Porsche Centre Cardiff, but on closer examination there was a great deal more work to do than first anticipated.

Firstly, the interior of the vehicle, it was in reasonable condition however the original steering wheel was missing and so was the radio. The vehicle had also been fitted with a roll cage so this would also need removing to return the vehicle to original condition.

It was clearly evident that the original suspension had been removed and replaced with aftermarket equipment. Our team sourced new original, genuine parts and return the suspension to the day it left the factory.

Similarly to the suspension the brake calipers had all been removed and replaced with non-standard items which in turn would also need replacing. The brake discs and pads were also in poor condition so a complete overhaul would be required with Porsche Genuine Parts.

The engine bay was in reasonable condition, however it was showing signs of age so was freshened up throughout. A full major service would be needed to include camshaft replacement and balance shaft belts. 

Once the team had finished the interior, handling component and engine work, the car was handed over to our Porsche Approved repairer to complete a full re-spray of the vehicle. The 968 CS was stripped down and meticulously repainted in its original Speed Yellow colour.

To complete the restoration the car was treated to a complete detail to ensure it looks as factory fresh as possible!

To conclude.

An extremely rare opportunity to invest in a totally restored 968 Club Sport in a desirable colour combination and impressive service history. Values of transaxle Porsches, often rarer models such as our Club Sport are rising as collectors take note of these highly capable and often undervalued models. Our car is a must for any Porsche enthusiast or collector.

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