BMW F 800 GS

The sportiest of the GS range, this bike packs performance and agility in equal measure. And it's perfectly at home crossing deserts, or carving through the Monday morning commute.

This latest iteration of the F 800 GS keeps the best features of its predecessor and adds some well thought-out extras. The windscreen has been redesigned and now adds to the bike's overall sense of dynamism, without losing any of its functionality. It also benefits from the new upper mudguard and intake snorkel, so the bike really is ready for anything. This model looks as muscular and poised as its forerunners, as the designers have retained the part-exposed chassis and no-nonsense back end. There is also the choice of added hand protectors and crash bars to protect rider and bike even further.

Ergonomically brilliant design means this bike is supremely comfortable, even over long distances and uneven terrain. The riding position is optimised even for smaller riders with the aid of optional lowering, which ensures comfort and safety. On the dashboard instruments are clear and precise, ensuring quick understanding, even in tricky conditions. Pillions are welcomed on the F 800 GS with seat-side handlebars in place, along with the option to alter seat style to better suit a ride for two.

This bike comes equipped with a German-engineered 798cc, four-stroke, in-line two-cylinder engine, giving enough power to tackle any terrain. It produces maximum 83hp at a feisty 7,000rpm and maximum torque of 83Nm - enough pulling power to drag you up even the steepest of inclines.

BMW Motorrad has chosen to equip both front and rear wheel with its latest ABS system, generating incredible rider confidence and control, even in low adhesion conditions. Controllable ride height, optional hand protectors and bash plates and headlight guards all add to the bike's pervading sense of safety.

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