BMW F 700 GS

This mean-looking machine harnesses a combination of enduro and road bike looks to create a truly stunning, ready-for-anything motorcycle. It's both powerful and poised; head into the city or into the wilderness and the F 700 GS will be equally at home in either.

The exposed metalwork, an aggressive stance and muscular body are slightly offset by BMW Motorrad's all-but-trademark winking headlights at the front end. Whilst at the rear the bike rakes skyward, revealing yet more metalwork and an exposed swing-arm. Further to the rear pillion provision is made in the form of a set of seat-side handlebars.

Made to BMW Motorrad's exacting standards this bike feels impressively sturdy, yet light enough on its wheels to be an exhilarating ride. Controls are perfectly thought through and the riding position is nothing short of optimal. Options like heated handlebars, bash plates and a swathe of pannier configurations make the bike perfect for the daily commute or an intrepid adventure.

Generating an impressive 75hp and 77Nm of torque from its 798cc engine this bike is no slouch in terms of acceleration or power. Top speed is a respectable 120mph, although this bike is about a lot more than going in a straight line. Its water-cooled four-stroke in-line two-cylinder engine gives steady and consistent power delivery throughout the rev range, which adds greatly to rider confidence.

BMW Motorrad makes bikes that feel solid and safe. They feel that way because that is exactly what they are, and this bike is no exception. Enjoy the peace of mind of ABS on both front and back wheels, and opt for Automatic Stability Control, if you want to further enhance rider aids. At just 209kg this motorcycle provides further safety in the form of its supreme rideability.

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